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My Monster Farts

Short chapter book ideal for kids age 5 up to 8.Zach has a pet monster called Lenny. No one else can see or hear him.He loves Lenny but there is one big problem. Lenny loves to fart! He farts at home and at school and everyone thinks that it’s Zach.Zach is tired of getting in trouble because of Lenny’s farting.What will Zach do? ...

Title : My Monster Farts
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Number of Pages : 12 pages
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My Monster Farts Reviews

  • Lori Garside

    It's hard to read when you are laughing so hard - my friend's daughters weren't terribly amused, but I sure was! This would have been a hit in my 7th grade classroom!

  • judi massey

    Really Cute Book

    I gave this book a five star because it was absolutely adorable. It contained all the things kids like and dislike for it to be a good book to monsters, farts, school, little brothers and his favorite teacher. I read it to my nine year old tonight as his bedtime story and we both laughed so hard we almost cried, we can't wait till tomorrow night so we can read the next one. I only wish that the series had more than 3 books in it, the disappointing part will be not hav

  • Ashlea

    ***All questions answered by my 4 year old***

    Do you like this book?

    Yeah! But he kept farting!

    What's your favorite part of the book?

    When they were blowing bubbles in the milkshakes and he farted and it was so icky! It makes me feel silly when he farts. I don't like billy, when he puts the underwear on his head.

    What do you think of the cover?

    I like it because of the monster!

    Do you want me to read it again?

    Yeah later.

    This is an adorable book about a kid who has an imaginary monster friend, who keep

  • Chris Gibson

    A really funny book about farting!

    "I love Lenny but sometimes he drives me crazy. You see, Lenny likes to fart. No, he LOVES to fart! Small farts, medium farts and big farts. They are usually smelly, too. Have you ever smelled a really smelly fart? If you have, you will understand why Lenny drives me crazy."

    I wasn't 100% sure I should be reading this to a five year old at bedtime. But bedtime ended up with 20 minutes of giggles and belly laughs. Priceless!

  • Angie

    Not what I expected.

  • xochitl kolinsky


    This is just good because it's funny I love farts and marshmallows and I'm Lenny these books have come to life the I'm Lenny part is a joke and I think my sister would like it and I also don't think it's great because it is short.

  • Chloe Burris


    5 stars

    It was funny

  • Stacey

    Just right for real boys from a Boymom

    Funny, had my son's attention and he enjoyed it. This is a good book for moms of boys to read to their little boys. I know that some may think that this isn't good literature but in all reality, little boys fart. Big boys fart. And most of the time they think it might be funny to blame someone else. This just shows us the funny side of it. My little boy wants to read the next few books. And if a book on monsters farting makes my little boy want read more, th