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The Peacock Summer

Set in a fading family estate nestled within the Chiltern Hills, this is the story of two summers, sixty years apart, woven together to reveal one dramatic family story. ...

Title : The Peacock Summer
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ISBN : 9781409152217
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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The Peacock Summer Reviews

  • Brenda

    Lillian was a naïve young woman of twenty-one when the wealthy and aristocratic Charles Oberon asked for her hand in marriage. She only had her beloved sister Helene to care for, and Charles assured her he would take care of her needs. Lillian loved Charles’ six-year-old son, Albie and in her innocence, thought she could make a difference to the man who had lost so much. Living in the Chilterns manor house, Cloudesley, Lillian began to feel trapped and caged – but she had no choice. This was her ...more

  • Jessica M

    The Peacock Summer by Hannah Richell is a compelling story of secrets, betrayals and the consequences of a long-ago summer.

    Maggie leaves Australia and returns home to Cloudesley to help her ailing grandmother, and when she learns that her grandmother is in serious debt, she does all she can to save the house. She could sell the land and the property, but she knows how much the manor means to her grandmother. Additionally, Maggie runs into an old boyfriend and she is forc

  • Lindsay

    I was lucky enough to be at the launch of Hannah’s third book and can safely say she has woven a yarn so well I couldn’t put it down!

    Lillian is married to Charles, a successful businessman who lost his first wife leaving his son Albie without a mother. Lillian agrees to marry him having been evacuated during the war to the small village where he lives! Over the course of a summer, Lillian’s life is changed forever.

    Fast forward to modern day and Maggie returns home to help her Gran, Lillian aft

  • Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum

    The Peacock Summer by Hannah Richell is the perfect historical fiction novel and I just loved it! Replete with crumbling mansion/estate that has seen better years, the novel is a story about family, secrets and regrets unfolding in a dual narrative.

    Lillian marries Charles Oberon at the age of 26 and becomes mistress of Cloudesley, a manor house in the Chilterns. Now quite elderly, Lillian's story unfolds in a series of flashbacks.

    Maggie comes back to Cloudesley to care for her Grandmother Lillia

  • Emma Crowley

    The stunning cover for the new novel from Hannah Richell - The Peacock Summer instantly draws you in. The beautiful wallpaper inspires curiosity and you wonder how this can be connected to the story if at all? I wanted to venture through the door to discover what lay further on.To identify what the house called Cloudesley was willing to share with us. Right from the opening chapter this book was filled with lyrical, wonderful, descriptive writing that had you enraptured and so caught up in the s ...more

  • Helen

    I don’t know where to start, this one has left me in awe what a story, a compelling, captivating story, a story of two woman Lillian Oberon and her granddaughter Maggie Oberon related not by blood but by love and caring and a family estate with treasures and secrets and what happens in their lives sixty years apart, this is a story that pulled me in, the characters so alive and genuine I felt their pain and their love, this is a story that you will not want to miss.

    Lillian lives a quiet life in

  • AusRomToday

    Everything about The Peacock Summer subtly announces itself as a novel that defines and defies. From the exquisite detailing embossed on its cover; perfectly balanced colouring, typography, and imagery through to the delicately woven story within. The Peacock Summer is simply divine.

    Richell has developed a cast of characters, central of all being the Cloudesley manor, all of whom you endear to easily in one way or another. Richell captures perfectly the dichotomy of good and bad that each of us

  • Blair

    Hannah Richell's third novel centres, as her others have, on a house. Cloudesley is a grand country manor, home to the Oberon family. Lillian Oberon, now in her late eighties, has recently had a fall and suffered a kidney infection – she needs rest, and can't bear the thought of recuperating anywhere other than Cloudesley. Her granddaughter Maggie has spent the past year in Australia, and when she comes back to care for Lillian, she finds the house in dire need of repairs nobody in the family ca ...more