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Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls #2)

After corporate attorney Hannah Barrett triesand failsto stop a kidnapping in Vegas, she cant shake the haunting image of the terrified young girl she couldnt save. She tells herself that a visit to her hometown in Scarlet Falls could be a welcome distraction. But soon, Hannah realizes the kidnappers have all the info they need to track her every move. And when chilling e-mails about the victim appear in her inbox, its frighteningly clear what happened in Vegas has followed her home.Eight months after a terrible family tragedy, Hannah turns to Detective Brody McNamara once again. Brody is eager to help, though hes embroiled in the investigation of a brutal murder. But the closer they work together, the stronger their feelings growand the more they stand to lose when two seemingly unrelated, but equally deadly, cases collide.Minutes to Kill is the pulse-racing second novel in bestselling author Melinda Leighs Scarlet Falls series....

Title : Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls #2)
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Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls #2) Reviews

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)

    This book had less technical errors in terms of plot. However, I enjoyed the first book a lot more. This one was a little too insta lovey for me. But points to the author for having a kickass female.

    Unfortunately, after reading 3 books by this author in a row, they are starting to feel formulaic.

    Hero has military background. Someone is a lawyer usually the heroine. Grandparents play parental role in main characters life. Abuse of some sort plays a role. And pets.

    I'm not a re-reader. So if it'

  • Diana Francis

    I received this book from NetGalley.

    Minutes to Kill is the second book in a romantic suspense series. The first book is entirely unnecessary to reading and enjoying this one, however. The story revolves around Hannah Barrette. After a corporate gathering in Las Vegas, she finds herself in the middle of a kidnapping. She tries to help the girl escape, but fails. With a concussion, she returns to her home in Scarlett Falls, NY, where she plans to recuperate and keep and eye on her brother’s dog wh

  • Jennifer Jaynes

    Received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    "Minutes to Kill" hooked me from the opening scene as a young girl caught in the horrific web of human trafficking attempts to escape through a motel bathroom window.

    REALLY enjoyed it. Melinda knows how to write an intriguing story line and she's brilliant at pacing and writing action scenes.

    Will definitely read more of her work.

    Highly recommend to anyone who likes thrillers.

  • Andrea Corley

    I found myself more exited about Melinda Leigh and the Scarlet Falls series than I have about a book or a series in a long time, so after reading Hour of Need, I knew that I wouldn't wait long to dive into Minutes to Kill. I tend to bounce around authors and series reads quite a bit, but I was so intrigued with this series, that there wasn't much time between reading both books in this series!

    I love that Melinda Leigh creates such strong characters and stories, and I find that it's difficult to

  • Carmen Pacheco

    What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. That’s a thing, right? It’s supposed to be a thing.;) Not in the case of Hannah in Minutes to Kill, book 2 of Melinda Leigh’s Scarlett Falls series. Mottos aside, this is that age-old scenario where you try to do the right thing yet incur the wrath of an unseen, avenging villain who is gunning after you for getting involved. This is why people look away. In Minutes to Kill, Ms. Leigh scares you and motivates you in equal measure!

    Hannah (Grant’s younger sist

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life


    (Scarlet Falls #2)

    Written by Melinda Leigh

    2015, 336 Pages

    Genre: romantic suspense, suspense, mystery


    (I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)

    After losing her brother and sister-in-law to murder Hannah Barrett, a corporate lawyer, finds herself in another harrowing situation. On a business meeting in Las Vegas she tries to save a woman from being kidnap but fails at the last minute. Hannah has little information to give the police but cannot get

  • Vanessa theJeepDiva

    Romantic suspenses are all about the who done it for me. Minutes to Kill is all about will she live and who is really behind all this. Readers know from the very beginning just how evil and twisted Mich and Sam are. We get plenty of page time with them while they are planning their revenge on Hannah. The suspense element here comes from one of their victims and how she unintentionally draws attention to Hannah in her attempt to save her life.

    Hannah and Brody are good people. They do the right t

  • Nancy Silk

    "An Intense, Suspenseful Crime Novel"

    What happened to corporate attorney Hannah Barrett while in Las Vegas, follows her home to small town Scarlet Falls. She can't shake the feelings and thoughts about a young girl she could not save. She soon learns that the kidnappers have all the information they need to track her every move. Needless to say, Hannah's life is endangered and she seeks the help of Detective Brody McNamara. This is a pulse-racing novel to entertain and excite you. It's very well