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The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

Why youve never been able to lose weight, and how that can change now Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormonesin everyoneand only by understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss.In this highly readable and provocative book, Dr. Jason Fung sets out an original, robust theory of obesity that provides startling insights into proper nutrition. In addition to his five basic steps, a set of lifelong habits that will improve your health and control your insulin levels, Dr. Fung explains how to use intermittent fasting to break the cycle of insulin resistance and reach a healthy weightfor good.Fung zeroes in on why insulin resistance has become so prevalent and offers specific outside-the-box solutions that have emerged as the key to maximizing health."Jimmy Moore, author, Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity...

Title : The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss
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ISBN : 9781771641258
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The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss Reviews

  • Chris Bartos

    The best diet book ever!

    I've read more diet books than I know what to do with here is why this book is the best:

    1. It explains why calorie restriction doesn't work.

    2. It explains why over eating doesn't cause you to gain weight.

    3. It explains in simple terms why we get fat.

    4. It's a whole lifestyle approach to losing weight.

    5. It doesn't tell you one diet is better than another, but it tells you exactly why most diets work but for only about 6 months.

    6. Then, it tells you what to do to avoid pla

  • AngryGreyCat

    I have a personal interest in this topic as I am in the process of losing weight myself and I have a maternal family history of diabetes that I am strongly fighting against developing. I will also say that I take most “diet” book with a grain of salt in that they tend to pick and choose their “scientific” research. Their “data” tends to be skimpy or non-existent.

    I am really impressed with the extent of his research. I would say the last third of the book is footnotes and annotations to studies t

  • Angela Boord

    I'm not at all sure how to rate this book. Overall, I think his argument that chronically high insulin levels cause obesity is probably true. But there are some logical gymnastics involved in this book, too. There was a lot of assertion that "calories don't matter" and "calories in/calories out" is wrong. But getting rid of snacks, as Fung suggests, will, for most people, automatically reduce calories. Replacing a piece of white bread and butter at dinner with steamed broccoli? Lower calories. F ...more

  • Elena

    Nothing in this book was new for those, who, like me, are following books/blogs on healthy eating and practicing that eating itself. I met several typos throughout the book and was not impressed with the coherence and thoroughness of presented framework. The biggest flow is the absence of advice for the target audience on how to tame the appetite at the beginning, "how to brace yourself for impact", so to speak. I personally know the answer - gather the strength to give up grain, then be sure to ...more

  • howl of minerva

    Horrible title but excellent content. Fung is Canadian nephrologist who got tired of seeing his patients tread the well-worn path from obesity to type-2 diabetes to end stage renal failure to death. He decided to devote himself to studying and treating the metabolic syndrome. The findings are clear and Fung refers to all the relevant studies in major peer-reviewed journals.

    Essentially, 50+ years of studies show convincingly that eat less-move more does not work. It does not work. It may cause s

  • Mara

    Probably the book I would now recommend as the place to start if you're interested in eliminating sugar & processed foods from your diet and making it stick... I think you really do need to understand the WHY of sugar elimination, not just the what, or else it doesn't last. He does a very nice job of breaking down why the calories in/calories out model doesn't sufficiently explain the underlying causes of obesity. I also appreciate that he sticks to human studies for his arguments

  • Christy

    The Obesity Code is the 5th book in my non-fiction challenge for 2018. This book was very informative and interesting. It focused on insulin resistance being the trigger for those who struggle with weight loss- more in the long term than short term. It also touched on fasting and intermittent fasting and the pluses of that. Overall, it was an informative read.

  • Canadian Reader

    Unfortunately saddled with a poor title, The Obesity Code is not shilling some new fad diet or weight-loss program. In fact, this reader friendly, direct, and humorous book addresses the very serious problems with insulin resistance that so many who eat a western diet high in refined grains (and sugar) are plagued with. A trained nephrologist, Jason Fung has extensive knowledge based on years of experience with patients whose kidney failure and obesity were brought on by Type 2 diabetes. Obesity ...more