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Country Heaven (Dare River #1)

Librarian's Note: Alternate-cover edition for ASIN B00IC867FYMA down-on-her luck cook uses foods magical properties to tame a beastly country singer after he hires her under false pretenses to restore his image.When famousand infamouscountry singer Rye Crenshaw saunters into the diner where she cooks, Tory Simmons is certain shes got him pegged. Hes a bad boy who indulges himself in all things, women included. But while she couldnt care less about country music or arrogant men, Rye makes her an offer she cant refuse when he asks her to be his private chef on his multi-city concert tour. The job is the answer to all her prayers: it will clear out her debt and finance the fresh start she desperately needs.Rye is certain his sassy new cook is the last woman whod ever tempt him, but spending time with the wholesome girl next door will do wonders for his damaged public image, whether she likes being forced into the spotlight or not. Her food also happens to be the best hes ever eaten, both comforting and seductive. But spending time with Tory on the road shows him a new side to herone thats as impossible to resist as her food. And when an emergency in his family whisks him home, he does the one thing hes never risked: he lets a woman into his heartSoon the emotions Rye faked for the tabloids become all too real, but will the country heaven hes found in Torys arms survive in the real world?...

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Country Heaven (Dare River #1) Reviews

  • Terri

    This book is more like 3 1/2 stars- some things were too far fetched and some details about the characters were not revealed until the end of the story. It was a good romance and I'm looking forward to reading more of this series.

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen

    4.5 Country Singing Stars

    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was surprised because it was free. I loved the characters and found it easy to connect with each one.

    The heroine was strong and stuck to her morals and beliefs, while teaching all the rest of the characters what it means to be a family and love.

    Such a heartfelt book full of action and lessons to be learned!

  • Jonetta

    Originally posted at The Book Nympho

    Have you ever had one of those books where you don't want to put it down but you also don't want it to end? That's they way this story was for me.

    The setup

    Rye Crenshaw, famous country music singer, was the darling bad boy to his fans until a huge misunderstanding put him on the wrong side of media attention. He's on tour, floundering and happens by a recommended local diner in Kansas where Tory Simmons was the cook. She's struggling to make ends meet followin

  • Indy

    This is one of the best freebies I can ever recall reading! Strong 4 star read!

    Really well written, flawed likeable characters who each help the other become a better person throughout the course of their relationship. Poignant dialog and plot developments, great supporting cast. Really cute recipe and song inclusions helping to support the uniqueness of this book and speak to the individual traits and strengths of the main characters. And yes, there were steamy moments but surprisingly those pa

  • Arlena

    Title: Country Heaven

    Author: Ava Miles

    Publisher: Createspace

    Series: The Dare River Series

    Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

    Rating: 5


    "Country Heaven" by Ava Miles was a interesting well written contemporary romance. Who knew when 'bad boy rock star' Rye Crenshaw meets Tory Simmons would he not be able to get involved with her? For so long Rye had a policy that he had one rule and that was no sleeping around with his band. This was great news for Tory because she wasn't at all impressed with this roc

  • ~Kristin~

    3.75 Stars

    While this is not a book I would usually choose to read, I was in the mood for something light and entertaining so I decided to give it a go. I did have a little bit of difficulty with the "country hick" type phrasing and the OTT way Southerners were portrayed, which I'm very touchy about. I lived in the South for 11 years, and consider myself part Southerner, so when I read the stereotype hick and stick up the ass prim and proper, it tends to bother me. All in all, this was a cute sto

  • Jacob Proffitt

    At 25% I just can't take any more. I think my eph (eye-rolls per hour) was measurable in dozens, starting right at the front. I mean, I'm not into the country music scene at all but I can't imagine that a confrontation with a blow-hard whiner-baby squealing about "family-values" would really have the power to hurt a country bad-boy's career. How incompetent are his image people if they can't get ahead of a single stupid story with a thoroughly unpleasant source? Oh, and that's before concocting ...more

  • Cindi

    I think this is the first Ava Miles I have read and it was good. It is book 1 of the Dare series a d I will definitely look for more of her books