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The Bette Davis Club

The morning of her nieces wedding, Margo Just drinks a double martini and contemplates the many mistakes shes made in her fifty-odd years of life. Spending three decades in love with a wonderful but unattainable man is pretty high up on her list of missteps, as is a long line of unsuccessful love affairs accompanied by a seemingly endless supply of delicious cocktails.When the young bride fleestaking with her a family heirloom and leaving behind six hundred bewildered guestsher mother offers Margo fifty grand to retrieve her spoiled brat of a daughter and the invaluable property she stole. So, together with the brides jilted and justifiably crabby fianc, Margo sets out in a borrowed 1955 red MG on a cross-country chase. Along the way, none of what she discovers will be quite what she expected. But it might be exactly what shes been seeking all along.From acclaimed humor writer Jane Lotter comes this madcap, laugh-out-loud adventure, The Bette Davis Club. Revised edition: This edition of The Bette Davis Club includes editorial revisions. ...

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The Bette Davis Club Reviews

  • Carol

    This was just a fun, fun read. Predictable, yes; silly, yes; unlikely, yes. But. I just enjoyed the heck out of it. I read the bulk of it on my patio but would have loved being served my iced umbrella drinks by a cabana boy on the beach while doing was that kind of book and that kind of trip.

    Margo is being paid by her half-sister to chase down Tully's bride who jilted him at the altar and also stole “something” valuable as well.

    Margo is afraid to fly so it's a great ride from Californ

  • Katherine Coble

    I completely love this book. It's perfect in every way. It's fun where it needs to be fun, serious where in needs to be serious. Everything is deftly handled and appears effortless, which is the mark of a very well-written novel.

  • Markie

    A quick, fun read!! Very enjoyable!!!

  • Crystal

    Truly enjoyed this book!! Easy read and sometimes I chucked out loud. If you need a in between book to read why not pick this one.

  • Stephanie

    I really love this book. The story is about Margo the middle aged woman who has the misfortune life. Apart from her lonely childhood, she has fallen in love with the wrong men for all her life. Until one day in order to find her niece Georgia who runaway from her wedding, she take the road trip with her niece’s jilted fiancé. Because Margo hates flying she take the trip use her deceased father vintage MG car. Margo always lose track of Georgia but what she find instead is a great experience. I l ...more

  • Irena

    actual rating: 2,5 stars

    Reading story narrated by a woman who's over 50 years old was out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to do it anyway. Branching out, spreading my horizonts, that's what I was thinking about.

    I knew that, what I was about to read was a comedy, but if you ask me what was it that I expected from this book, I wouldn't know what to tell you.

    The story follows Margo, a fifty-something years old woman who finds herself at her niece's wedding. Everything would be great if there wasn'

  • Elizabeth

    I absolutely loved this book! To me, it was a book that appealed to my love of old movies, all things California (old Hollywood, in particular) and books that won't let me put them down! This book has personality and lots and lots of action!

    First the characters. Margo is a hoot! She's a boozing 50-something looking for something - of course, she doesn't know exactly what. She's down on her luck because she fell for a man that she could never have, yet could not let go. Her friends are hilarious

  • Jamie Holzberg / Fluff Smut & Murder

    Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

    Because of Tom Hatten and the Channel 5 (LA) Sunday Family Film, I fell in love with classic movies. And like Margo Just, I idolized that time period in cinematic history – especially Cary Grant films. Since I had such an immediate connection to the main character, I thoroughly enjoyed The Bette Davis Club and devoured it in about 2 days. The plot is that from a screwball comedy of the ‘50s