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Cooking for Picasso

For readers of Paula McLain, Nancy Horan, and Melanie Benjamin, this captivating novel is inspired by a little-known interlude in the artists life.The French Riviera, spring 1936: Its off-season in the lovely seaside village of Juan-les-Pins, where seventeen-year-old Ondine cooks with her mother in the kitchen of their family-owned Caf Paradis. A mysterious new patron whos slipped out of Paris and is traveling under a different name has made an unusual requestto have his lunch served to him at the nearby villa hes secretly rented, where he wishes to remain incognito.Pablo Picasso is at a momentous crossroads in his personal and professional lifeand for him, art and women are always entwined. The spirited Ondine, chafing under her familys authority and nursing a broken heart, is just beginning to discover her own talents and appetites. Her encounter with Picasso will continue to affect her life for many decades onward, as the great artist and the talented young chef each pursue their own passions and destiny.New York, present day: Cline, a Hollywood makeup artist whos come home for the holidays, learns from her mother, Julie, that Grandmother Ondine once cooked for Picasso. Prompted by her mothers enigmatic stories and the hint of more family secrets yet to be uncovered, Cline carries out Julies wishes and embarks on a voyage to the very town where Ondine and Picasso first met. In the lush, heady atmosphere of the Cte dAzur, and with the help of several eccentric fellow guests attending a rigorous cooking class at her hotel, Cline discovers truths about art, culture, cuisine, and love that enable her to embrace her own future.Featuring an array of both fictional characters and the French Rivieras most famous historical residents, set against the breathtaking scenery of the South of France, Cooking for Picasso is a touching, delectable, and wise story, illuminating the powers of trust, money, art, and creativity in the choices that men and women make, as they seek a path toward love, success, and joie de vivre....

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Cooking for Picasso Reviews

  • Jordan

    This is the story about two women of the same family, living in different times and separate continents, who are connected by blood in history. The narration alternates between 17-year-old Ondine, a cook at her family's café in a small town on the French Riviera in 1936, and Celine, Ondine's granddaughter, who lives in present day California and learns from her ailing mother that Grandma Ondine once cooked exclusively for the great and notorious Picasso. With her mother's health in rapid declin ...more

  • Leylak Dalı

    İçinde Picasso'nun çokca bahsi geçse de kurgu bir roman. Vakit geçirmek için uygun, fazla beklentiye girmeyin...

  • Paula Ackley

    I loved this book! Romance, mystery, family squabbles, picturesque France, and great food. Engrossing story, wonderful characters, great writing, and beautiful imagery all come together in one satisfying meal! The storyline goes back and forth between two characters and two timelines but they blend so well together like a flavorful stew. (Corny I know but "stew and meal" seem appropriate for this book). If you have the time curl up in your favorite chair, turn off the phone, have a glass of some ...more

  • Katie Nunes

    I would give 3.5 stars if I could. I did enjoy the two stories (grandmother and granddaughter), the discussions of the art and the cooking, and also the images of the south of France. But it took a long time for me to engage with the characters and at times it felt a bit contrived. Ultimately, I did find it to be an enjoyable read, and I feel I learned a lot more about Picasso than I knew before,

  • Mollie

    Aubrey's painterly writing style awakens the senses to the beauty of the South of France, to the sensuality of a multi flavored meal, to the brush caressing the canvas.

    The reader is seduced by Picasso while being repelled by him at the same time. His story includes the effects of war and abusive relationships along with his passion for painting.

    The author teases the reader with a mystery that, if solved, will be life-changing. How will betrayal and abuse affect the process? Will the solution, i

  • Dorina Danila

    O carte care are ca ingrediente arta, gastronomia provensală, Riviera franceză, un tablou de Picasso dispărut cu multă vreme în urmă, dragoste (în mai multe fiorme de manifestare) și un personaj excentric (Pablo Picasso, pe numele lui), ingrediente atent dozate și combinate, astfel încât rezultatul obținut este unul excepțional.

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  • Liz

    One of my regrets was not taking an art appreciation class in college. So, I have a thing for novels about artists. This book alternates between two time periods. The first is 1936 in Juan-les-Pins during the time Picasso was creating his Minotaur series. The second is modern day, as the granddaughter of the cook researches the prior period.

    It helps to have access to visuals. Thank God for Google and being able to view the paintings in question. It's almost a shame novels like this can't includ

  • Suze

    This book was selected for our book club by a member who is a real foodie and in this way the book satisfies. (She cooked us a très délicieux 6-course French dinner based on food descriptions in the book.)

    I found the story of three generations of French women separated through eight decades rather melodramatic. The plot stretched my credibility with umpteen coincidences and characters who were two-dimensional, either hero or villain. The most developed character was Picasso as we saw various fa