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The Big Fear (Hollow City #1)

Its August in New York, and the steaming garbage littering the streets isnt the only thing that stinks.Civilian investigator Leonard Mitchell can keep his job as the new head of the Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption only by successfully prosecuting veteran cop Ralph Mulino.Mulino shot an armed man on a dark night; he didnt know the man was a fellow cop. Now, to keep his badge and his freedom, he has to make his case to the investigator. But the gun Mulino saw in his victims hand has disappeared.As Mitchell digs deeper into Mulinos claim, it becomes clear that the misconduct and corruption infecting New York City go far beyond the actions of one allegedly dirty cop. Murder and sabotage force Mulino and Mitchell into an uneasy partnership to uncover the truth and protect the city they are both sworn to serve.Assuming, of course, they can stay alive...

Title : The Big Fear (Hollow City #1)
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The Big Fear (Hollow City #1) Reviews

  • Steve Gramer

    Riveting action packed thriller

    Mr case made you feel as if you were really experiencing the action

    His keen eye for details is wonderful

    I feel like I know how the underbelly of the city works now

    He is a real New Yorker as it takes one to know one

    Well done sir

  • Reading is my Escape

    Ralph Mulino hated the sea. He was comfortable in the stairwells of housing projects and the stubble of vacant lots, but on the water he felt exposed.

    -First sentence

    So, Ralph is a cop and in the first chapter, he shoots another cop who is sneaking around a crime scene with his gun drawn. But, when the crime scene is processed, no gun is found. The book follows Ralph, Leonard Mitchell (who works at the Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption), and Christine Davenport (Leonard's boss)

  • K

    This is an interesting crime novel with a well constructed and complex plot. It begins rather slowly but gathers speed gradually throughout, moving compellingly into the conclusion with a satisfying, albeit somewhat predictable twist.

    The book hosts many important characters, but the two primary ones are Leonard Mitchell, the acting director of the Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption in the NYPD, and veteran detective, Ralph Mulino. Mitchell's character seemed to hold little inte

  • Ken Bour

    I thoroughly enjoyed "The Big Fear" by this first time novelist, Andrew Case. The writing is excellent and the plot sequence follows logically. There is plenty of criminal intrigue and exciting action involving police corruption and financial fraud prosecuted by credible characters. I subtracted one star because the ending left me underwhelmed. Maybe I was extra tired the night I finished this book, but the story didn't hold my enthusiasm during the last few chapters. In any event, I recommend " ...more

  • Elaine

    I won a copy of The Big Fear from a Goodreads Giveaway.

    Jeez, was the writing f**king annoying! It was as if Mr. Case was trying to sound slick or Tarantino-like by sounding street or cool but it just came off as stilted and migraine inducing.

    The novel is short so there is little to no exposition; you barely know the characters or understand their motivations but that's okay because you won't care about them anyway. Not one character sounds believable or genuine but that also doesn't matter since

  • Tara

    I received this book free through Kindle First, and I bought into some of the good reviews, but I wish I had gone with one of the other choices. I just wanted an easy detective story, and this was not it. Something about his writing style was very hard for me to focus. Any type of description paragraph made my mind wander. I understand you need a side salad in a novel, because if you only wrote the "meat and potatoes" your book wouldn't be very long. But the details added were just arduous and c ...more

  • Yvonne Ledgerwood


    Great mystery combined with financial fraud, stock manipulation, and mini disaster s arranged to achieve other hidden goals some monetary others are social engineering to achieve goals perceived as beneficial for the greater good even though some people must first die to achieve the social goal, which of course the perpetrator has deem acceptable loses. The opinions of those to die are not requested. The attitude of all tyrants and their beliefs.

  • Susan Wingate

    Well, it seems obvious that Andrew Case was raised on a pabulum of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. However, Case’s vivid voice in his debut novel THE BIG FEAR demonstrates a refreshing different noir-style of storytelling. With all the tropes of the genre—the good guys and bad guys all cloaked in varying degrees of dubiousness—the reader will relish this intricate tale of corruption and crime so uniquely New York City. As a New Yorker himself and someone implicitly knowledgeable with the ...more