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Outrage (Faith McMann Trilogy #2)

A Wall Street Journal bestseller. The happy life Faith McMann knew as a wife, mother, and teacher was destroyed when vicious criminals murdered her husband, kidnapped her children, and left her for dead. After paralyzing grief, fear, and despair, there was nothing left for her to feelexcept fury. But striking a staggering blow against a brutal ring of human traffickers was just the beginning of her uphill battle.Though her daughter remains missing and her son is lost in the wilderness, Faiths relentless efforts have reunited some children with their families. Theyve also made her and the rest of her family the targets of a sadistic crime boss. But Faith has learned plenty about survival in the lawless underworld shes storming. And shes forged an unbreakable bond with two no-holds-barred allies in the war against evil. As they dodge assassins and take down predators, Faith travels deeper into the heart of darkness, determined to rescue her children at any cost....

Title : Outrage (Faith McMann Trilogy #2)
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Outrage (Faith McMann Trilogy #2) Reviews

  • Linda Strong

    Second in this series, you're really missing out if you haven't read Book 1... FURIOUS... This is definitely one of those series you really need to read in order.

    In Furious, Faith McMann loses her husband to murder, and then the same men who killed her husband take her two children.

    She's made it her mission in life to find her children ... dead or alive.

    In Outrage, her friends Rage and Beast join to help her in her search. Following one thin thread after the other, and working her way through pe

  • Martha Brindley

    I enjoyed this book but I should have read the first book in the trilogy. There is little reference to previous events in book 2 .I loved the characters, Faith is one strong lady. A well written crime thriller, full of drama.,by a good author. I look forward to book 3 in the series. Thank you Net Galley for my copy.

  • Susie Price

    The plot and thoughts of this story is so ridiculously TRUE that it truly is Outrageous and Sick, so be Outraged Folks and One click Now. And then tell others to read it and for them to tell someone! Because this story should be told, as hard as I am sure it was as hard to write about as it was to read but we Need to read it and to share the news for others to read! bravo to the writer T.R. Ragan and her publisher Thomas and Mercer for giving us this nasty insight into a very bad world Our world ...more

  • Lauren

    Great continuation of this trilogy!

    This series just gets better and better. It's a great continuation of this trilogy. This book follows Faith through the awful world of human trafficking as she tries to find her children. The book is a great next part of the story and I can't wait to read on. In some ways it is better than the first book or maybe I got used to the graphic description of this seedy world of human trafficking.

  • BookwormCatLady

    In the second instalment of TR Ragan's Faith McMann trilogy we see Faith continue the search for her children who were snatched from their home while their father was savagely killed in front of Faith.

    The reasons behind this become clearer but this doesn't take away the fact that it's so far-fetched and unrealistic that I found it a bit of a chore to read with the only intention of finishing it so that I could plough into the next book on my ever-growing TBR pile.

    Having said that, I may be tempt

  • Mella

    Okay I'm reviewing both Furious and Outrage together because I just don't have enough proper words to adequately review them both separately. No spoilers. These are intense books. Human trafficking, sex slavery, violence - these books don't shy away from the hard topics. They are not overly explicit but they do adequately relate these issues. Faith is an extremely strong woman. She is hardened by the loss of her children but she uses the anger she feels to fuel not only her determination to get ...more

  • Karen Hubbard

    Possible spoilers, so if you haven't read the summaries of the books...or the books themselves, don't continue reading here.

    The second book in the trilogy was just as engaging as the first. Action filled, with character development to fill in. I got to know a lot more about the other main characters (besides Faith), and their stories are just as interesting as hers. This one ends with part of Faith's mission accomplished and some of the aftermath of that. It also sets up the last book to the po

  • Syd Perry

    Reading this series has made me more aware human trafficking and the horror that it is. The books are powerful and told from a personal point of view. I've been touched by the stories more deeply than any movie or TV show. And I'm left with the feeling, "What can I do?" These are evil people who kidnap and sell women and children for sex. The people who pay and participate are just as evil.

    This series is not just for awareness. It is a great thriller with horrible bad guys and gutsy good guys,