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The Voyage to Magical North (The Accidental Pirates #1)

Twelve-year-old Brine Seaborne is a girl with a past--if only she could remember what it is. Found alone in a rowboat as a child, clutching a shard of the rare starshell needed for spell-casting, she's spent the past years keeping house for an irritable magician and his obnoxious apprentice, Peter.When Brine and Peter get themselves into a load of trouble and flee, they blunder into the path of the legendary pirate ship the Onion. Before you can say "pieces of eight," they're up to their necks in the pirates' quest to find Magical North, a place so shrouded in secrets and myth that most people don't even think it exists. If Brine is lucky, shell find her place in the world. And if she's unlucky, everyone on the ship will be eaten by sea monsters. It could really go either way....

Title : The Voyage to Magical North (The Accidental Pirates #1)
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The Voyage to Magical North (The Accidental Pirates #1) Reviews

  • m a r y l i z

    This is my kind of book.

    Just by reading the synopsis, I had the feeling this book would be awesome. And was it?

    Was it, you ask?

    Yes. Yes, it was.

    Lovely Things:


    - Okay, seriously. This book was so fun. It was whimsical and quirky and hilarious and action-packed...basically all the things I love in a book. I had a hard time believing this was Claire Fayers's first book, honestly. It was packed with creativity.

    - The setting. This is a fantasy book, but it also has pirates and char

    Her name, improbably, was Trudi Storme. Short and sunburned, with a frizz of yellow hair and a figure that started going out at her neck and didn't return until her knees, she looked like a mushroom that had been struck by lightning.

    Case. In. Point.

    - The characters. Ah, yes. The characters. They were a fun lot! I LOVED Brine and Tom and Cassie and Ewan AND ALL OF THEM. Because let's face it: pirates are just fun characters.

    Not So Lovely Things:

    - Not much, really. There was a very brief mention of evolution, a question about whether the afterlife existed (no answer was given), and a part where a character had to resuscitate another person (which they described as "kissing," but it obviously wasn't).

    - I WANTED MORE LIBRARY SCENES. Because the library sounded amazing and I WANT TO KNOW MORE.

    Overall? THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. If you like magical, whimsical middle-grade novels with pirates and this book.

    5 stars! ...more

  • Jennifer

    All aboard the Onion! The finest ship to sail the seas.

    Wow! Let me count the ways I love this book.

    1. Brine Seaborne is a fantastic heroine. I love her zest for adventure and her passion for books. (and what a GREAT name)

    2. There's a merry band of pirates! They're on a ship called the Onion! How great is that?? (also, this book is an onion because there are so many awesome layers to the story!)

    3. There are sea monsters! (really scary ones) There are creepy birds! (really creepy - also a few ni

  • Fats

    A magical pirate adventure - what's not to love? I was intrigued when I saw the cover... I was looking forward to a fun-filled voyage to Magical North. Alas, I got lost at sea.

    I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this book. It was hard to connect with the characters and the story could not hold my attention. It's too bad. It would have been a fun-filled voyage across the sea with a band of merrymakers. Instead, I was lost at sea, stranded in the middle of nowhere.

  • Bethany

    Brine doesn't remember where she came from, and Peter is an aspiring magician with a terrible mentor. They don't get along, but they're willing to help each other run away. Escaping their life with no prospects leads to misfit pirates, a great but cruel magician, and a fantastic adventure to the magical pole of the world. It's part Jules Verne, part Pirates of the Caribbean, and part Harry Potter--and all the best parts of each.

    There's a lot to like in this story. The characters--even the villai

  • Suze Lavender

    Brine was found at sea and she doesn't have any memories of what happened before that. The only possession she had was a piece of starshell, which is being used for spell casting, and that was taken from her. She's living with a magician and works for him as a housemaid. Brine is twelve years old and she's used to being treated badly, but her situation has an advantage too, she can read the books from his library. The magician has one apprentice, a boy Brine's age named Peter. He's arrogant and ...more

  • Sarah Reida

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I feel so honored to have been able to read this amazing book before it hits shelves in July!

    VOYAGE is amazing - it is fast-paced, fun, with vibrant characters that get themselves into some truly unique pickles. Brine and and Peter are two children who escape from Tallis, an cruel magician. When they take his boat, they find themselves on the high seas, soon rescued by Cassie Pia, whose reputation as a fearsome and lovely pira

  • Victoria Coe

    I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    I adored The Voyage to Magical North! Based on the title, I was expecting an exciting adventure filled with magic. This book very definitely delivers!

    But I was not expecting a hilarious story centered on characters who stole my heart. Or a book that asks the all-important question: Can you be BOTH a librarian AND a pirate?

    The Voyage to Magical North is a fun, funny, thrilling story full of emotion that I highly recom

  • Margot Harrison

    This is a wonderful, inventive, uproariously funny adventure story that reminded me of a cross between a Hollywood pirate blockbuster, the fantasy novels of Diana Wynne Jones, and The Phantom Tollbooth. The world is cleverly drawn, the characters have depth and growth, the magical system is unique and compelling, and, most importantly, it's FUN.

    That's not to say this is a light, wacky fantasy overall. In fact, I was surprised and impressed by how high the stakes rose by the end — far higher than