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The Emerald Sea (The Glittering Court #3)

The dazzling conclusion to #1 New York Times bestselling author Richelle Mead's The Glittering Court series.Meet Tamsin, the Glittering Court's hard-angled emerald. Her outsized aspirations make her a fierce competitor, rising to the top of the ranks. But when the ship she boards for the New World is tragically lost at sea, she is quite literally thrown off-course. ...

Title : The Emerald Sea (The Glittering Court #3)
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ISBN : 9780698406018
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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The Emerald Sea (The Glittering Court #3) Reviews

  • Jessica Arnold

    Love love love Tamsin’s character most of the Glittering Court girls, and I’ve been most excited to hear her story since book 1. While there were so many characters with fantastic personalities in this book, there was also too much world-building and too many unique groups of peoples to keep straight, meaning I ended up skimming over many pages throughout. I’d love a “follow-up” book that included all 3 girls’ futures!

  • Laura

    I fell in love with Adelaide and Cedric. I quite enjoyed Mira and Grant. But I was thoroughly entranced by Tamsin and Jago. Tamsin has depths that are only hinted at in the previous books. And Jago. *sigh* I think he's my favorite of the heroes. He really lets Tamsin shine. I actually "ah"ed out loud when Tamsin was upset and Jago faked a problem with the horse harness to have Tamsin groom the horses, which helped her. I would love to see another book about them!

  • Nengath

    I rarely write reviews on good reads because I write badly in English (I am french by the way), but when I see that this book is so under appreciated... I had to step in, shitty level or not. We all get to play wonder-woman one day.

    It's really strange for me, because I have been reading Richelle Mead's books for ages, I started with the Vampire Academy series in high school. I really appreciate how her writing has improved, how she was able at some point to change her style and move to new idea

  • Cait Jacobs (Caitsbooks)

    Overall: 4.5/5 Stars

    Characters: 4.5/5

    Setting: 4/5

    Writing: 5/5

    Plot and Themes: 4.5/5

    Awesomeness Factor: 4.5/5

    Review in a Nutshell: The Emerald Sea was a fun, addicting read for those who are returning to the world of the Glittering Court and those who have yet to discover it.

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    The Emerald Sea follows Tamsin Wright, a girl from a poor family with a big secret. She's joined the Glittering Court to be taught the ways of the nobility and sail across the ocean to

  • Lauren

    What a great conclusion to this series! I enjoyed Tamsin’s story so much.

  • Kacey

    I have been waiting so long for this book, ever since I read the first one. Tamsin was absent for such a large chunk of time and I was eager to see what all she was doing in that time. I also thought her the most interesting character at first. Mira turned out to be equally interesting once the reader got her side of the story. Overall the trilogy was great and each story focused on different aspects of their old lives as well as the new one. I'm happy with how it all turned out and the conclusi ...more

  • Alexandra

    4.5/5 *

    Full review here:

    In the finale to The Glittering Court series, we are FINALLY given Tamsin’s story. Since starting the series, I’ve been the most curious about Tamsin, her secrets, and how her story would play out...and I’m really happy that she got such a great ending!

    Tamsin is the Epitome of a Strong Protagonist

    In every book of this series, Richelle Mead gives us strong female characters who save themselves (and often their romantic counterparts)

  • Amanda

    Fine conclusion to the series.... I’m know you supposedly can read them in any order, but I’m not sure they would have made as much sense and been as satisfying if I hadn’t read them in their published order.

    I must say that Tamsin was my least favorite character but I wholly enjoyed her story... which turned out to be one of the most harrowing of all the girls... it was quite the adventure and I loved how everything was tied up so nicely!

    Another winner for the author. Can’t wait to read what she