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Sluta aldrig gå - Från gatan i Sao Paulo till Vindeln i Norrland

Jag r fdd i Brasiliens vildmark och bodde i en grotta tills jag var ungefr fem r gammal. Drefter flyttade min mamma och jag in till en av So Paulos mnga kkstder en rent livsfarlig milj fr ett barn att vxa upp i. Jag fick tidigt lra mig att inte lita p polisen eller andra vuxna. Ofta fick jag klara mig sjlv och jag fick ven ansvara fr min lillebror innan jag slutligen hamnade p barnhem. Ett r senare, nr jag var tta r, adopterades jag bort till en familj i Vindeln i Vsterbotten. Christina berttar om sitt liv som gatubarn i Brasilien, om svlt, misshandel och separation. Om uppvxten i Sverige och alla kulturkrockar som uppstod nr hon kom till det lilla samhllet i Norrland. Hur hon har bearbetat sina upplevelser i vuxen lder och brjat bygga upp ett nytt liv. Och nr hon behver fylla p med kraft och energi har hon ett speciellt knep: Hon kastar sig ut frn ett flygplan och faller fritt i sextio sekunder innan fallskrmen vecklas ut. Att landa p ftterna r bra att kunna i mnga sammanhang! Det hr r en berttelse om krlek, sorg, vnskap och frlust. Christina berttar om att verleva, om hur vitt skilda vrldar har format henne och hur hon har kmpat fr att f ihop sina tv jag....

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Sluta aldrig gå - Från gatan i Sao Paulo till Vindeln i Norrland Reviews

  • Eileen Prussman

    This true story gives us a real glimpse into two different worlds: that of an impoverished child living in a cave and then on the streets in a Brazilian ghetto, and the other in a well-to-do village in Northern Sweden. I don't think any travel would give us a more accurate idea of what real life is like for such unfortunate children.

    The author writes her story by alternating the periods in her life. One chapter takes place in her childhood in Brazil, and the next one takes place with her adopte

  • Jacqueline

    Your pages will keep turning as the author keeps walking...

    I was completely taken in by this book page by page wanting to know what happened next and yet inside I was thinking how I wish I could make the story become less horrifying for the author to have endured. However there were many times when my heart soared and I felt one with the author and knew her words affected me to the core.

    I will leave you with a quote that was so profound to me:

    Love can’t be bought , or elicited on request. It is

  • Kristy


    Can I be the only reader who is deeply disturbed by the fact that the author murdered another child and did not address this further in her book? I see that it was a dire, disturbing, unfathomable life she was living and perhaps she didn’t fully grasp what she had done at the time. However, now 25 years older, she spends endless pages of this book on self reflection, yet her stabbing an 8-year-old to death barely fills a handful of pages and is never mentioned again. I find this lack o

  • Amanda

    An incredibly honest memoir and interestingly told going back and forth between Christina as a child in Brazil (where her name was Christiana) and as an adult Christina going back to Brazil from Sweden to try to find her birth family. One can't read this memoir without feeling deeply for the author. I do wish a bit more was written about how she came to integrate her Brazil and Swedish selves after her trip to Brazil. But I can also understand why that wasn't written.

  • Tuvia Pollack

    Amazing and thought-provoking story about a girl who grew up as a street child in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and at age 8 was adopted to a Swedish family. Now she is telling her story and working on making a difference in the world.

  • Debbie Carlson

    The book is a little scattered because the author is working through her identity issues and guilt as she writes. I was fascinated with her process. She built up suspense leading to her reunion with her mother. I thought the contradictions in her personality were interesting, proving her point that she was split between her Swedish self and her Brazilian self. Yes, she did ask a lot of questions, and I found them annoying after awhile. While my life is unlike the author's, I find that I have mad ...more

  • Stephanie

    37 highlights in this book. That must be a record for me.

    Got this one through Kindle First, mostly because the thrillers sounded lame. I’m so glad I did, it is a gem among the rough.

    This memoir is heartbreaking. What Christina/Christiana went through is a life no child or adult should ever endure and yet they continue to today. But her optimism and strength shines through, while being critical to the authority figures in her life at that time. She is so honest seeming throughout. It’s humble a

  • Mariamosh

    Snudd på en femma här. Kunde. Inte. Sluta. Läsa. Ett oerhört starkt öde, en oerhört stark berättelse. Läs den.