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A Game of Ghosts (Charlie Parker #15)

It is deep winter. The darkness is unending.The private detective named Jaycob Eklund has vanished, and Charlie Parker is dispatched to track him down. Parker's employer, Edgar Ross, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has his own reasons for wanting Eklund found. Eklund is no ordinary investigator. He is obsessively tracking a series of homicides and disappearances, each linked to reports of hauntings. Now Parker will be drawn into Eklund's world, a realm in which the monstrous Mother rules a crumbling criminal empire, in which men strike bargains with angels, and in which the innocent and guilty alike are pawns in a game of ghosts . . ....

Title : A Game of Ghosts (Charlie Parker #15)
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A Game of Ghosts (Charlie Parker #15) Reviews

  • Faith

    I'm not a huge fan of series, but I have read some of the other books in this series, including the last 3 books, and they seem to be trending more towards the paranormal and less towards the thriller genre, but maybe my memories of the earlier books are faulty. In any event, you shouldn't start reading this series unless you are prepared to devote a significant amount of time to it. The books have been slowly doling out a complicated and apparently endless mythology of spooky and extremely viol ...more

  • Bam

    *4.5 stars.

    Get ready for a spine-tingling ghost story as Charlie Parker once again delves into the supernatural in this fifteenth book in the series.

    Who is Charlie Parker? A detective who 'died not once but three times following [a] shooting at his home and was brought back by the physicians. But the man who came back was not the same as the one who had fallen under a volley of shotgun blasts and pistol shots. He had seen what lay beyond, and he remembered.'

    Charlie is under contract to SAC Ros

  • Taryn

    These are my thoughts after reading the six-page first chapter.

    Private detective Charlie Parker ruminates about his past as he walks the snowy streets of Portland, Maine. His body has been through the wringer. He's scheduled to meet with FBI agent Edgar Ross at a bar, but he doesn't know why he's been summoned. He doesn't seem to fully trust the man, because he has backup guys listening in.

    This is my first experience with John Connolly and the Charlie Parker series. The first chapter was too sho

  •  Olivermagnus

    Game of Ghosts is the fifteenth book in a series featuring private investigator Charlie Parker. Parker’s bloodstained past has turned him into a man for whom evil is not just a philosophical concept, but a palpable presence. At this point in time, Parker is working off the books for FBI Agent Edgar Ross. He's never quite sure what Ross' agenda is, but it pays well and he hasn't been asked to do anything illegal. Ross asks him to find a man named Jaycob Eklund, another off the books investigator ...more

  • Truman32

    Howard “Nippy Zippy” Berg is widely considered to be the fastest reader of all time. Like an alien from deep outer space, or a mutant that has obtained the next level of human evolution, Berg is able to read a blazing 25,000 words per minute. Yet when John Connolly releases a new addition to his Charlie Parker detective series, I feel I have the Nippy Zippy beaten by a good several thousand words!

    There is just something about Connolly’s Parker thrillers that makes me go full throttle through the

  • Debra

    3.5 stars

    A Man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders.

    - Lord Dunsany

    Charlie Parker has been asked by Edgar Ross, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to locate a private detective, Jaycob Eklund, who has vanished. Eklund has been investigating a series of homicides and disappearances which have been linked to hauntings. Those who are not familiar with John Connolly's paranormal mysteries may be scratching their heads and saying "huh?". Connolly is a

  • Meredith

    Dark, eerie, and super creepy!

    A Game of Ghosts, the 15th book in the Charlie Parker series, is filled with supernatural elements, oddball characters, and of course as the title implies, ghosts.

    Tasked by SAC Ross to track down a PI gone missing, Parker; along with Angel and Louis, uncover a sick and twisted inhuman cult-like family known as “The Brethren.” This group is responsible for death and destruction spanning hundreds of years. Currently, the clan is led by brother and sister, Kirk and

  • Michael Hicks

    After taking a backseat for much of the prior book's narrative, PI Charlie Parker returns as the central focus to A Game of Ghosts. Escaping into the works of John Connolly is always a welcome retreat for me, although this fifteenth entry into this author's eponymous detective series fell a bit flat for me.

    Still recovering, and likely permanently diminished, from the attempt on his life a few books back, Parker is back in action and tasked with locating a missing private eye, Jaykob Ecklund. Thi