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A Marriage in Dog Years: A Memoir

When Nancy Balbirer learns her beloved eleven-year-old beagle has kidney failure, shes devastated. She and her husband had gotten Ira as a puppya wedding gift to each other, and their first foray into parenthood. Now, her dog is terminal, her marriage is on life support, and Nancy is desperate to save them both (whether they want it or not). In a single year, she loses her two best friends, but Nancys life is about to take yet another unexpected turn.With humor and heart, Nancy Balbirer shares her story of relationships, loss, and canine friendship in this illuminating memoir about the lengths people will go to keep love aliveand the power of finally letting go....

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A Marriage in Dog Years: A Memoir Reviews

  • Melanie McKinley

    Happy at times and sad at times


    I cried so hard at end. The story was just amazing I am still crying right now 😠

  • Karen

    I won "A Marriage in Dog Years: A Memoir" by Nancy Balbirer in the Goodreads Giveaway! I love this giveaway - what a nice opportunity to check out new authors and books!

    Anyone who has gone through a divorce or long-term relationship can really appreciate the angst, the sadness, and the loneliness that seems to go with the break-up and ending of a marriage. This book shows all of this and more. The book is not really about animals. It's more about a relationship that is breaking apart and the wom

  • Becky Knapp

    Parallels of life

    I was married and had a dog. In so many ways this was a parallel to my own love and loss I thought a lot about that time in my lifetime and where I am now. I miss the days of us but I love the memories we made together. I think of those times but I loved tribe fact the hurt is all to real and some days even five years later I feel the loss and sounder was it ever real. Love you my boy Cody and my former wife. Weall were once good together!!!!!!

  • Cristin

    Beautifully written, evocative, heart wrenching

    This is simply lovely. After having both my marriage and love of my life (the dog. Not the ex) I could relate to each heart breaking step of her journey. Beautifully woven together, made me think. And laugh. And cry. Like buckets of years and snot, overwhelming sorrow kind of crying. But somehow after that cathartic cry, peace. And appreciation for the road traveled, regardless of the outcome.

  • Dottie Resnick

    Although the book was promising, it was also disappointing. After 11 years of marriage, the puppy that was a wedding present to each other is now dying as is the marriage. The author spent a lot of time justifying keeping the dog alive, despite horrendous vet bills (which the couple really couldn't afford) in hopes of also keeping her marriage alive. Felt the story which really related more to the disintegrating marriage and two individual with difficulties "finding themselves" was at times funn ...more

  • Katy

    I've tried and tried...given it a month.. but I got to 55% and I just cannot keep reading this book. If books could be read in monotone, this one would be. I very very rarely give up on a book and have not written a review like this in forever - but truly, this was not a pleasant experience!

    The title itself is what caught me. That and the fact that it was an Amazon 'first' - pre-release opportunity to read. I pictured the sort of book that could be written with this amazing title and I was keen

  • Deborah

    Sweet and sad

    So many feelings so aptly expressed in this book. Very well written and I could relate to so much of her story about her marriage and the horror of losing her precious dog, Ira. Definitely glad I read this book

  • Pamela Scott


    I wasn’t expecting much from this memoir. I chose it, by default because all the other Amazon First Read titles were a thriller of some sort. I’ve gone off thrillers again. A consequence of reading so many. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed A Marriage in Dog Years.

    I was moved to tears by Nancy facing the death of her beloved dog Ira. You need to be a dog person to get it. A dog is more than a pet. A dog is part of your family. I remember how