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My Oxford Year

Set amidst the breathtaking beauty of Oxford, this sparkling debut novel tells the unforgettable story about a determined young woman eager to make her mark in the world and the handsome man who introduces her to an incredible love that will irrevocably alter her futureperfect for fans of JoJo Moyes and Nicholas Sparks.American Ella Durran has had the same plan for her life since she was thirteen: Study at Oxford. At 24, shes finally made it to England on a Rhodes Scholarship when shes offered an unbelievable position in a rising political stars presidential campaign. With the promise that shell work remotely and return to DC at the end of her Oxford year, shes free to enjoy her Once in a Lifetime Experience. That is until a smart-mouthed local who is too quick with his tongue and his car ruins her shirt and her first day.When Ella discovers that her English literature course will be taught by none other than that same local, Jamie Davenport, she thinks for the first time that Oxford might not be all shes envisioned. But a late-night drink reveals a connection she wasnt anticipating finding and what begins as a casual fling soon develops into something much more when Ella learns Jamie has a life-changing secret.Immediately, Ella is faced with a seemingly impossible decision: turn her back on the man shes falling in love with to follow her political dreams or be there for him during a trial neither are truly prepared for. As the end of her year in Oxford rapidly approaches, Ella must decide if the dreams shes always wanted are the same ones shes now yearning for....

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My Oxford Year Reviews

  • Melanie

    ARC provided by HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Kate Olson

    Thanks to the publisher for this finished copy for review purposes!

    Let's start with what I loved, shall we? I LOVED the Oxford setting and everything about the descriptions about Oxford life. I loved the pubs, Ella's friends, all of it. Seriously, that alone gets 5 stars from me!

    Now, for the hmmmmm. I wasn't blown away by the romance and while it was touching, I felt like I should have been moved MORE??? I'm not sure why and how, but I was left feeling like it was fine, a middling 3.

    Okay, now f

  • Meg - A Bookish Affair

    "My Oxford Year" is a great story about ambition and romance. Ella has always been ambitious and she has dreamt of becoming a Rhodes scholar and going to the storied Oxford University for years and years. Now she finally finds herself there only to have another opportunity at home that could set her on a fast track to become one of the top picks to run political campaigns. Ella wants it all and she thinks she can handle it. Can she chase both dreams and a romance on top of it all?

    I was drawn to

  • DJ Sakata

    Favorite Quotes:

    His voice is so melodious, so low and soothing, it should be accompanied by choral music.

    Everyone else looks very British about it, like this is where fun comes to die.

    “Given the lovely turn of your figure, it’s quite gratifying you’re not one of those dreadful American girls who subsist entirely on lawn clippings and glacier water,” Charlie says. My mouth is too full of scone to reply.

    He has this ability to go still, as if he’s stopped breathing. Like a vampire. Which makes me

  • Sandra Cortez

    “He can be the boy I journeyed to the end with” swoon, I loved this one hard.

    *** a little forewarning *** for my fellow Americans the verbiage is very English so don’t read this on a brain fog day. Haha. Did you know valise means suitcase. But seriously it’s so good! I was not fully vested until 100 pages in but then finally, I felt. Felt so much. I’m not a crier with books but these words touched my heart. And I will cherish Ella and Jamie Davenport and the lessons they taught me. I also can’t

  • Brooke — brooklynnnnereads

    Heads up people: if you look at this cover and think it will be a fun, light, chick flick’re wrong. Prior to reading this novel, that was my exact impression from judging by the cover (do not do that).

    This book. Oh, this book. I seriously do not think this book will get the credit or acknowledgment or praise that it deserves solely because of how lighthearted it looks from the outside. This story is way more than ‘lighthearted’ and surpassed all my expectations.

    This novel was equisi

  • Ari.reads

    This is the kind of book you talk about until you find another that meets its equal. The kind you beg others to read, to cry over, to hope they adapt it into a movie. The kind that inspires you to go on an adventure, make new friends & fall in love.

    ❝But if you love someone, and are loved by someone, you might find forever after. Whatever and wherever that is.❞

    I absolutely loved this book and will probably be talking about this book for a while.

    -I listen to the audio version of this book a

  • Jessica

    The moment I heard that this book was going to be made into a movie starring Sam Heughan, I HAD to read it. The story itself sounded right up my alley as well. A romance in Oxford between an American and her new professor? Yes, please!

    Ella Duran has always dreamed of studying at Oxford. When her dream finally comes true, she can't believe she gets to spend a year studying literature. What she doesn't expect is to get the opportunity to work for a political campaign and make the changes in Ameri