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The President Is Missing

President Bill Clinton and bestselling novelist James Patterson have written a spellbinding thriller, The President is Missing.As the novel opens, a threat looms. Enemies are planning an attack of unprecedented scale on America. Uncertainty and fear grip Washington. There are whispers of cyberterror and espionage and a traitor in the cabinet. The President himself becomes a suspect, and then goes missing...Set in real time, over the course of three days, The President Is Missing is one of the most dramatic thrillers in decades. And it could all really happen. The President Is Missing is Bill Clinton and James Patterson's totally authentic and spellbinding thriller....

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The President Is Missing Reviews

  • Terence M

    Barely ⭐⭐⭐ of 5.0

    For the first part I thought my stated distaste for James Patterson’s collaborations might need to be reviewed, but no, as ultimately this book was a bloated disappointment.

    I intend to write a slightly more comprehensive review after I have had my dinner and slept overnight but I am unlikely to feel more positive about “The President is Missing” than I do now.

  • Adah Udechukwu

    The President is Missing was good, But not too good. I don't know what it is but it was definitely missing something

  • Kate

    This thriller is a pageturner if ever there was one. It's one of those 'just one more chapter' books and, because the chapters are so short, before you know it you're reading late into the night. Although it's not perfect (it is a little confused or predictable on occasion and there are a few presidential info dumps - on occasion Clinton does want to have his say), it's certainly entertaining and I was totally gripped. I love political and/or action thrillers and so I was always going to read th ...more

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)


    I must say I was leery. JP collaborations have been iffy which has stopped me reading his “brand” some years back. But I must admit intrigue and have to give this a shot. After a slow start, a chapter or two in the beginning, I was hooked. At that very early stage, I knew I didn’t want it to end. I was so very fascinated with the tale. The President was my hero and I hope this is a bright beginning to a series. I used to listen to Alex Cross and I felt like this book was JP at his best

  • Loretta

    I figured that this pairing of writers would be a very good collaboration. This book is touted as a thriller, with page turning excitement. For me it was neither. For me it was just pages and pages and did I say pages of nothing remotely thrilling. I couldn't wait to be finished with it.

  • Hugo Marroquín

    De haber sido película, habría sido el blockbuster del verano sin duda. Como thriller, será el mayor de este verano. Es simplemente vertiginoso, lleno de acción, gran dosis de intriga, traiciones y los delgados hilos de la más alta política en la nación más poderosa del mundo.

    La unión entre el expresidente de los EEUU, Bill Clinton con una de las grandes plumas del thriller, James Patterson, es perfecta. No solo abre la puerta a colaboraciones de toda índole, se siente en las líneas de la novela

  • Edie Hanafin Phillips

    Perhaps geeks can poke holes into the plot, but personally I found it to be a fast-paced, enjoyable read. Also it serves as a cautionary tale about the vulnerability of our digital world in which many things from infrastructure to government are connected to the internet. It seems pretty scary that our world could easily crumble from cyber-terrorist threats. I enjoyed the ruthless pregnant female assassin character, even though she was villainous. The take-away quote in the last chapter serves a ...more

  • Linda Millard

    Such a misleading title! In addition this book suffers from what so many books by big name authors seem to share the lack of a strong (some might say ruthless) editor. After reading the first 120 pages l thought that the meat necessary to advance the plot could have probably been presented in 20 pages or less. Bill Clinton was my favorite President of the past 50 years, so l was looking forward to this book. I felt that the insider knowledge that he had of how a President really functioned would ...more