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Built to Last (Black Knights Inc. #12)

Masterful, mysterious, and completely ruthless, Jamin Angel Agassi joined the Black Knights Inc. after a mission-gone-wrong forced him to undergo extensive plastic surgery and change his name. He's going to bring down the world's worst crime syndicate, and hopefully keep Sonya Butler, a love from his past, from discovering who he really is...When a dark-eyed stranger gets caught up in Sonyas latest mission, she starts to question all her hard-won instincts. Something about Angel tells her he's more than he seems, and sometimes, when she least expects it, he reminds her of a man she used to know. As the bullets fly, she realizes that in love and war nothing is ever what it seems......

Title : Built to Last (Black Knights Inc. #12)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781492608875
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Built to Last (Black Knights Inc. #12) Reviews

  • Jem

    In Built to Last, the 12th and final installment in Julie Anne Walker’s, Black Knights Inc. series we get not only Sonya and Angel’s story but a summation of where everyone else ends up as well. This book can be read by itself but the reader will get a lot more out of it if they’ve read the series. Having read only three or four of the series, I sometimes felt a little lost with the supporting characters.

    Sonya has never gotten over her first and only great love, Mark. She’s spent 10 years mourn

  • Kim

    The last couple of books have been building up to a showdown with the evil mastermind Spider. And now Jamin “Angel” Agassi, a former Mossad agent and currently working for Black Knight Inc. has managed to catch Spider's attention and infiltrate his network. He is an enigma. A man of mystery with several previous identities and now is basically a ghost. He is tall, dark, dangerous, and deadly. He sacrificed everything for his country including the woman he loved. And now he is a man on a mission, ...more

  • Coco.V

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  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡ I like

    How to review a book when you thought the plot would be for you but it was the first book of that author that you read and now you know that the writing style was not for you ?

    I guess I will go with 3 stars because the book was good just not for me. I know that this might be a confusing way of thinking but it’s just the way I feel. As it might not have been my brightest Idea to start a new author when it’s the last book in a long series is one reason for me to decide this way – but in my defense

  • Darcy

    For the last book in this series I'm a bit underwhelmed with this one. I really had a hard time buying into the attraction/relationship between Sonya and Angel. Part of that is I find it hard to believe that Mark would walk away from the woman he loved to go into an undercover mission that he expected to die in. Another part that I had issue with is how after he lives he never sought out Sonya when he was finally free, yet when he encountered her now he was all in again. That seems at odds.

    I was

  • Book Lover

    Jamin “Angel” Aggasi, aka Majid Abass, originally Mark Risa, works for Black Knights, Inc., a covert, government agency. He has given up his identity, and the love of his life, to protect many countries. He’s had plastic surgery to completely change his face. He chooses to be more on the periphery of the group. It’s now 10 years later, and the group’s final assignment involves the love of his life.

    Sonya Butler works for Interpol. Her current assignment is working for Lord Grafton, aka Spider, k

  • LeeAnne

    I just love these Black Knight boys! Built to Last might have been my favorite of the series so far just because it’s action packed from page one to the final page and I loved it!

    Angel is a Black Knights operative gone undercover to capture Spider, a man who has been haunting his team for a long time. Angel was an operative in his “previous life” who had extensive facial reconstruction surgery to take on a new identity – as Angel. This mission is hitting especially close to home for him because

  • Beth

    He never thought to see her again. And if that wasn’t a shock, it was in the employee of one of the world’s worst criminals.

    She mourned the loss of the love of her life and no one ever took his place, so why does this world-renowned criminal remind her so much of her lost love?

    Extensive plastic surgery has left Sonya in the dark, he never knew that her love didn’t die but has been in deep undercover for years.

    “Angel” Jamin is blown away to have a chance to be with Sonya again. But he can’t blow