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Boardwalk Summer

What happened on that long-ago summer? In this riveting novel from the author of The Dressmakers Dowry, an aspiring Hollywood actress makes a shocking choice in 1940, and seventy years later, a young mother sets out to discover what happened Summer, 1940: When Violet Harcourt is crowned Miss Bathing Beauty in her hometown of Santa Cruz, shes determined to see herself on the silver screen. But Violets pageant victory comes with a pricecracks appear in her seemingly perfect marriageand she quickly discovers Hollywood is not the glittering escape she dreamed of. So she makes a shocking choice, leaving her name in headlines and creating a mystery surrounding her fate.Summer, 2007: Single mother Marisol Cruz lives in a charming seaside cottage that belonged to her grandfather, Ricardo, once a famed performer on the Beach Boardwalk. Drawn to the local history of her town, Mari discovers her grandfathers connection to a beauty queen who died too young. She embarks on a journey that uncovers his lifelong secretRicardos connection to Violeta story of tragedy and courage that will forever transform her....

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Boardwalk Summer Reviews

  • Dawn

    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for my honest review. I absolutely loved this story! I liked how the chapters alternated between Violet's story in 1940 and Marisol's story in 2007. It kept the story interesting and moved along nicely. I loved reading about the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I have visited there several times and could picture it in my mind. The main characters were interesting and likeable. This was an easy and enjoyable read. A perfect summer story!

  • Judie Dooley

    very interesting story line..where two young women's from different generations stories are told. It was a little confusing at first, as each chapter was in different times. one in 1940 and the other in 2007 switching back and forth with each chapter..Each story as compelling as the other. Great concept. Believable characters and backgrounds. Your emotions will be tested 'till the end.

    This was a goodreads win and I loved it. Well recommended.

  • Alyssa Palombo

    I loved this book! Perfect for reading outside on a summer day :) I loved both storylines and both heroines, and found both to be equally compelling. Jaeger keeps you turning the pages as different information is revealed, while at the same time tackling issues like immigration, racism, and domestic violence, giving the novel a relevant and urgent feel. Her writing flows naturally, and pulls us into both worlds, the past and that of our present-day heroine. This makes a great summer read, and I ...more

  • Reeca Elliott

    This story rotates between the present and the past. It follows Marisol, a single mother, who is trying to save the historic gazebo in her home town. She uncovers an obituary about Violet Harcourt. Violet was a beauty queen who died tragically. Violet had a strong connection with Marisol’s grandfather and Marisol is determined to find out how strong!

    First off…COVER LOVE! Isn’t this cover just wonderful!

    There are some good and some bad about this read. I enjoyed reading about Old Hollywood. The n

  • Ashley Nicole

    "Boardwalk Summer" is a fun, quick fiction novel that addresses many hot topics, and things about the past. Violet's story is told in first person, while Mari's story is told in 3rd person. This provides a unique narrative, as Mari's story is more present than Violet's. In both character's chapters you find slang and other items appropriate to their respective eras, which allowed the reader to feel in that time period. Reading "Boardwalk Summer" felt as if you were sitting with Meredith Jaeger, ...more

  • Elise Hooper

    Meredith Jaeger creates a compelling story that channels both the glamour and big dreams of old Hollywood with the charm and thrills of Santa Cruz’s boardwalk as two daring women risk everything to find love. Past and present meld together in unexpected ways to create a rollercoaster of mystery and adventure.

  • Tammy

    Boardwalk Summer is a lovely beach read full of family secrets. Alternating between the 1940's and the early 2000's, Boardwalk Summer is the story of Marisol's quest to save the historic gazebo on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. As she researches the rich history of the boardwalk, she uncovers some secrets hidden by her grandfather years ago. The story is filled with Old Hollywood and history of the Santa Cruz beach.

  • Caryn

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