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Wild Blue Wonder

There are two monsters in this story. One of them is me.Ask anyone in Winship, Maine, and theyll tell you the summer camp Quinns family owns is a magical place. Paper wishes hang from the ceiling. Blueberries grow in the dead of winter. According to local legend, a sea monster even lurks off the coast. Mostly, theres just a feeling that something extraordinary could happen there.Like Quinn falling in love with her best friend, Dylan.After the accident, the magic drained from Quinns life. Now Dylan is gone, the camp is a lonely place, and Quinn knows its her fault.But the new boy in town, Alexander, doesnt see her as the monster she believes herself to be. As Quinn lets herself open up again, she begins to understand the truth about love, loss, and monstersreal and imagined....

Title : Wild Blue Wonder
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ISBN : 9780062564016
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Wild Blue Wonder Reviews

  • Madison

    Stunning and heart wrenching, Wild Blue Wonder is a beautifully written book. Right from the first chapter it is clear that Wild Blue Wonder is magical. Whether it springs from the legends that surround Quinn’s family campground complete with ancient forests and a lake monster or perhaps from the captivating writing style, everything about Wild Blue Wonder seems to glow.

    Quinn Sawyer has always known her family’s campground, The Hundreds, was special. But recent events have shown her that even th

  • Vicky Skinner

    This is a wonderful wonderful novel that I never knew I needed, with a sibling dynamic that is beautiful and heartbreaking and emotional. I can't wait to hype this book when it comes out!!!

  • Meredith Mara

    True beauty. A story of grief and identity, love, friendship and the meaning of family. Truly exceptional. Brought me to tears, as I knew it would.

  • Lindsay

    I feel like if everyone just talked to one another then this plot would have been avoided. Thanks Edelweiss for the ARC.

  • Margaret Robbins

    This book was a delight to read! I’ll soon write more detailed reviews for SLJ and my blog, but here’s what resonated with me:

    1. A gorgeous setting

    2. Falling for your best friend (we’ve all been there at least once)

    3. Unrequited Love (again, we can all relate)

    4. Summer camp memories: some of the best of my life, including writing camps and GHP in high school

    5. Coping with loss and grief

    6. Complicated family relationships

    7. A male interest who writes superhero graphic novels 💕(Hello, where

  • Karin

    Got an ARC at a recent kidlit festival (thank you McIntyre's!). Enjoyed this story of a Maine teen dealing with grief/loss of close friend and trying to move forward with help of old and new friends and a quirky/awesome family. Past/present storylines work effectively to create suspense.

  • Lauren James

    The main character is obsessed with marine biology, I'm already hooked. I just finished this beauty, WILD BLUE WONDER. I came for the STEM lady (the main character loves marine biology!) and stayed for the cryptids, Moira Fowley Doyle style family dynamics and summer love. 💯💯💯


  • Stephanie Baka

    Bibliophile Euphoria


    Wild Blue Wonder has taken my heart hostage and refuses to let go. It is awe-mazing and cruel how Sorosiak was able to make me fall in love with a character that was already dead. I did not cry but instead, I felt at lost of tears. The characters are the main appealing effect of the story. It is near impossible to go through the book without completely and utterly loving all the characters and wanting to protect them all. 

    It saddens me a