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Supergirl: Being Super (Supergirl: Being Super #1-4)

She's super-strong. She can fly. She crash-landed on Earth in a rocket ship. But for Kara Danvers, winning the next track meet, celebrating her 16th birthday and surviving her latest mega-zit are her top concerns. And with the help of her best friends and her kinda-infuriating-but-totally-loving adoptive parents, she just might be able to put her troubling dreams--shattered glimpses of another world--behind her.Until an earthquake shatters her small town of Midvale...and uncovers secrets about her past she thought would always stay buried.Now Kara's incredible powers are kicking into high gear, and people she trusted are revealing creepy ulterior motives. The time has come for her to choose between the world where she was born and the only world she's ever known. Will she find a way to save her town and be super, or will she crash and burn?Caldecott Honor and Eisner Award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki (This One Summer) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Jolle Jones (Lady Killer) combine forces for this incredible coming-of-age tale! This is the Girl of Steel as you've never seen her before.Collects the limited series Supergirl: Being Super #1-4....

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Supergirl: Being Super (Supergirl: Being Super #1-4) Reviews

  • Janelle

    Kara is in the thick of adolescent growing pangs, unsure of her place in the world, like any first world teenager. She’s surrounded by people she loves and who love her in return, but she struggles to connect in a meaningful way. You know… because she can lift tractors with a single hand and fly and stuff. So when her powers start going a little haywire, there’s nowhere to turn for support. Is it some sort of super-puberty? Or is something else going on?

    Tamaki’s story is aching and quiet, and J

  • Alicia

    Yes to all of it. The illustrations, the text, the storyline. Yes to it all.

    Kara has super powers and was "adopted" by her family who knows of her abilities and keeps her pod hidden in the barn. She's a runner on the track team but has to keep her speed and strength in check. Readers meet her two best friends and dive into teenage life-- until an earthquake hits and she loses one of her friends. In the grief and mourning, it emerges that evil powers (and one track coach) are trying to use her a

  • Vince

    Mariko Tamaki is a killer writer, and when she writes a coming of age story she knocks it out of the park. I loved this, this is my first Supergirl story and I couldn't have picked a better one to read. I'll make this a more detailed review after release, but trust me, if you won't want to sleep on this.

  • Erica

    I've never been a fan of Supergirl - I don't actually like any of the Kryptonians - and yet, I enjoyed this origin story of the usually-bubbly blonde hero.

    She's not so bubbly in this one. She's a questioning sixteener, trying to figure out who she is and why her body feels weird and why she's so tired all the time. She has two best friends, loses one because that's how these stories are supposed to go, apparently, and begins to remember everything she'd forgotten in the last eight years.


  • Marzie

    4.5 Stars

    I've always been more of a Marvel kind of girl but the recent resurgence of Wonder Woman and Supergirl have piqued my interest enough to make me select this origin story which comprises the first four comics in the 2016-2017 series reboot.

    The first thing I have to say about this Supergirl run is how much I love Joëlle Jones's illustrations. They are terrific and give us characters with diversity, including diverse body types, facial expressions that convey emotion, and clear body (non-v

  • Rory Wilding

    Although the character has been around for six decades in comics and other media, the mainstream became very aware of who Kara Zor-El was in TV’s Supergirl, which first aired in 2015. The show took its time to find its footing, but has managed to give the superheroine her own identity that doesn’t have to associate with her more popular cousin, something that Mariko Tamaki and Joëlle Jones have taken to heart when creating Supergirl: Being Super, their four-issue miniseries from last year which ...more

  • James DeSantis

    Finally a Supergirl book I can FULLY recommend. Why is that so hard to find?

    Supergirl is a lot about Kara trying to find her place. Nothing new there. The book even opens up with "Where do I start? Oh yeah, same old story." and it knows it can't reinvent the wheel so instead it polishes it and makes a fun as heck read for one of our favorite female badasses! Kara going through learning who she is. Not in the sense of being a alien, which she gathers already. She's trying to find her place among

  • Erica McGillivray

    This is such a great retelling of Kara's origin story. Perfect YA situations. The ending wasn't as strong as the rest of the book, but overall, an incredibly solid look at Kara.

    (FYI: doesn't match the current TV show. But I don't think TV show fans will be incredibly disappointed.)