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In the far reaches of space, a group of tourists board a small vessel for what will be the trip of a lifetime - in more ways than one...They are embarking on a tour around Sigma Station - a remote mining facility and luxury hotel with stunning views of the Horsehead Nebula.During the course of the trip, a mysterious ship with devastating advanced technology attacks the Station. Their pilot's quick evasive action means that the tour group escape with their lives - but as the dust settles, they realize they may be the only survivors . . .Adrift in outer space, out of contact with civilization, and on a vastly under-equipped ship, these passengers are out of their depth. Their chances of getting home are close to none, and with the threat of another attack looming they must act soon - or risk perishing in the endless void of space....

Title : Adrift
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ISBN : 9780316519113
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 416 pages
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Adrift Reviews

  • Kate

    I absolutely loved this! Hugely exciting adventure in space which fully delivers on a great premise. I can imagine people of all ages enjoying this. I didn't want to put it down at all. This is the kind of book that makes you miss bus stops! Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.

  • Trent Mikesell

    Not sure what's with all the books that read like movie scripts. Are the authors hoping they'll get made into movies ( cant blame them), or have they just never read a good book?

  • Chris

    *copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review*

    Adrift is the latest sci-fi novel from Rob Boffard, also known for his rather good ‘Outer Earth’ series.

    The premise is an intriguing on. Following an attack by an unknown force, a small personnel shuttle is cast loose with a group of passengers inside. Damaged and alone, the passengers have no obvious way home, no way to signal for help, and only each other to rely on. That tension, the sense of being in a fragile bubble when the environment is activ

  • Liesl

    You know a book's good when you're reluctant to put it down at the end of your commute and are desperate to steal any moment possible to read more of it. "Adrift" is fantastic: limited viewpoints, so we get heavily invested in a few key people, see the situation from multiple perspectives and also don't learn everything that's going on with certain characters until it's too late. The spaceship obsessed Corey might just have been my favourite, but I had a soft spot for the hard as nails pilot Vol ...more

  • Katie

    This is more of a 3.5 but I will round it.

    Adrift was a heavily character-based story. This was one of the aspects that I really enjoyed about the story because I haven't read a book similar to this in a while. However, it did fall flat on some notes. One being at times it felt like it was following too much in the direction of a Space Film. By that I mean the phrases and actions the characters did were very similar to that of a typical "we're lost and need to get home" movie. Another aspect whic

  • Heather Eames

    Many thanks to NetGalley and Little Brown Book Group for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review

    Wonderfully crafted characters and a captivating story make for a great read. The story was well thought out and gave an interesting take on what would happen in this scenario. I loved how claustrophobic the whole story was, making it more intense and a real page turner. The ending is also spot on and I couldn't have asked for a better resolution .

    I was in love w

  • Jemma

    Such a great read! Review to come soon!

  • Sid Ray

    A brilliant book with wonderful characters. The story line and the plot was really well crafted and was a wonderful read. I enjoyed it from the very first page to the very last page.