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Rebound (The Crossover 0.5)

Before Josh and Jordan Bell were streaking up and down the court, their father was learning his own moves. In this prequel to Newbery Medal winner The Crossover, Chuck Bell takes center stage, as readers get a glimpse of his childhood and how he became the jazz music worshipping, basketball star his sons look up to.    ...

Title : Rebound (The Crossover 0.5)
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ISBN : 9780544868137
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 416 pages
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Rebound (The Crossover 0.5) Reviews

  • Patrick

    Read in a day. Kwame has done it again. This is probably my favorite in this series. Writing was spot on! Great relationships in this story!!!

  • Karen

    I probably owe Kwame Alexander $10. Or an autographed Harlem Globetrotters basketball. Because he makes me look like the best librarian ever when he writes books like this that I can casually hand off to kids who have no idea what's about to hit them. Like Crossover, Rebound is disguised as an easily read novel in verse about basketball. DO NOT LET THAT FACADE FOOL YOU. It's a roller coaster ride, slamming the reader through twists and turns of family and friendship and childhood and music and g ...more

  • Joe

    This is a review of the ARC.

    The first poem in Rebound is a lovely series off fleeting, non-rhyming couplets that capture a time, a place, a memory. I pulled the book to my chest. "This is it," I thought.

    The second poem in Rebound captured the manic, frenetic energy of Alexander's masterful The Crossover: it was all sound and feeling, energy and zip, breathlessly exciting poetry. I pulled the book to my chest. "I want to savor this," I thought.

    Then I got to the first comic, which, in the ARC, is

  • Nicole

    My goodness, does Kwame Alexander know how to write. I could not put this down, even with tears streaming down my face. I cannot wait to share this one with my students. They are all big fans of his work, and I know this is no exception.

  • Luis Saucedo

    If your a kid who has hard times but keeps pushing them self,this is a book for you,I noticed in the book that it wasn't only about basketball and that's what I like about Kwame Alexander,he jumps right into problems and then his book he put the character with major problems but at the same time he plays basketball as his escape from all of the thing in his life but what he did in this book is he tried to make the character run away from basketball because that was his problem.So he tried to do ...more

  • Austin Poulin

    This was another great book by the author Kwame Alexander. Similar to his award winning book The Crossover, the main character faces many different problems that he will try to overcome. After Charlie's father dies, he is left with sadness and finds it hard to smile and laugh. Having troubles with his mother, his mother has an idea for Charlie to go spend the summer with his grandparents in DC. While in DC, Charlie finds himself and learns that the people that you surround yourself with will hav ...more

  • Mary Ann

    I loved reading Rebound. Especially the ending.

    And his grandpa. Love him fiercely.

    And the comics (poetry slam in comics!!!!!)

    And the corny jokes -- burst out laughing in several places (too much sax & violins!)

    But really, the power of metaphor to open your heart.

    For all of us when we feel storm-beaten and shattered, how we can hold onto hope. Thank you.

  • Clare Lund

    A prequel to The Crossover - fans of the first book won't be disappointed!