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Marked (Alex Verus #9)

Mage Alex Verus is hanging on by a thread in the ninth urban fantasy novel from the national bestselling author of Burned.When Mage Alex Verus ends up with a position on the Light Council, no one is happy, least of all him. But Alex is starting to realize that if he wants to protect his friends, he'll need to become a power player himself. His first order of business is to track down dangerous magical items unleashed into the world by Dark Mages.But when the Council decides they need his help in negotiating with the perpetrators, Alex will have to use all his cunning and magic to strike a deal--and stop the rising tension between the Council, the Dark Mages, and the adept community from turning into a bloodbath....

Title : Marked (Alex Verus #9)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780356507217
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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Marked (Alex Verus #9) Reviews

  • All Things Urban Fantasy

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy

    The Alex Verus series is consistently strong and entertaining which is impressive since it is so easy to fall into the trap of getting stale or repetitive as a series nears the double digits. MARKED, the ninth book in this series is no exception. It hits the ground running with the tiniest of time spent on rehashing developments from previous books. It's grimmer because the stakes are higher now with Alex's enemies drawing nearer. We delve more into the

  • Tan

    I love this series, but the characters sure swear a lot. I’m thinking I need a break from F-bombs.

  • Penny Noble

    We are at the point in a series when I’m always reluctant to start a new book because I’m waiting for the series to start to go downhill. That, thankfully, isn’t happening in this series. Alex is in the middle of trying to recapture items of power, all the while people still want him dead. Admittedly, it’s a little harder since he’s is in a better position (see previous book) than ever before, but Richard is still trying to seize control, and Alex and the Council don’t agree on how to do it. But ...more

  • Rpaul Tho

    I wanted to give this more stars but about a third into the book it was clear this was a setup book for the next in the series. I find that the story is starting to lag and the constant “we’ve got Richard this time only to be thwarted by something obvious we didn’t foresee” a bit annoying. Especially since Alex’s main power is divination. I’m thinking that maybe this author needs to move on to a new set of characters and series as these ones have been played out.

  • Beverly

    Three and a half stars

    This story seemed more like a filler because there is a lot of page filling information with things like how the Council worked, how black mages, white mages and adepts personalities were different.

    There is a lot of focus on Anne with Verus trying to find out how to fix the problem of her bad side and the likelihood of her being possessed and about his feelings for her.

    There is the needed action scenes to keep the reader interested, at the beginning, near the middle and a

  • Bonhomous

    I really enjoy these books. I find the characters super relatable. I sometimes wish more actually happened during the stories, but that's quibbling perhaps. I'll be reading the next one in the series as soon as it comes out.

  • Emma

    At book 9 in the series, we’re all getting to know Alex Verus pretty well. As usual, he’s stuck right in the middle of all the drama, with any number of people out to kill him and more than his fair share of bad days. While Morden’s cooling his heels in prison awaiting trial, Alex has taken over the Dark Mage seat on the Junior Council, giving him a chance at gaining influence right at the top of Mage society. It’s not that easy, of course, at least three of the seven Senior Councillors flat out ...more

  • Kathy

    Adventure writers can go two ways with their series: They can either entangle their hero in a series of adventures, loosely linked but not necessarily sequential, or the hero can adventure while striving towards a goal. Wizard series tend towards the second, where the hero perhaps gets himself in a mess in an early story, then works to resolve the knotty problem in books 2-N. Think of Harry Dresden or Simon & Montague or Harry Potter or the Iron Druid. Or Alex Verus in Benedict Jacka’s excel ...more