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Give Me Some Truth

Carson Mastick is entering his senior year of high school and desperate to make his mark, on the reservation and off. A rock band -- and winning the local Battle of the Bands, with its first prize of a trip to New York City -- is his best shot. But things keep getting in the way. Small matters like the lack of an actual band, or the fact that his brother just got shot confronting the racist owner of a local restaurant. Maggi Bokoni has just moved back to the reservation from the city with her family. She's dying to stop making the same traditional artwork her family sells to tourists (conceptual stuff is cooler), stop feeling out of place in her new (old) home, and stop being treated like a child. She might like to fall in love for the first time too. Carson and Maggi -- along with their friend Lewis -- will navigate loud protests, even louder music, and first love in this novel about coming together in a world defined by difference....

Title : Give Me Some Truth
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ISBN : 9781338143546
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 432 pages
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  • Brian

  • jennifer

    I'm supposed to be out touristing

    but I'm in finishing this instead. There's so much to love about this book, from the richness of the voices to the window (for me) aspect to the decision to take Yoko Ono's art seriously (because even in 2018 I hear her name mostly in reference to how she maliciously destroyed the Beatles and really anyone saying that sucks). I also love that neither of the narrators lives a sainted life of kindness and self-awareness and that that's okay: they're wonderful, real

  • Tracey

  • Reving
  • Abby Johnson

    It's 1980 and Carson wants to win Battle of the Bands to get a free trip to NYC. But first he needs a band. That's the basic premise of this book, but it's so, so much more than that. Carson is a Tuscarora Indian living on a reservation and at the very beginning of the book his brother is shot and injured when he robs a local restaurant - a restaurant named after and honoring George Custer, famous Indian killer. This starts in motion a social justice movement that will have impact beyond what Ca ...more

  • Justin

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the plot and the main character arcs, as neither really moved the needle for me by the end of the book. But my lukewarm feelings there are more than balanced by the deep, powerful sense of setting Gansworth instills, both in terms of the music, art, and fashion of the time period, and the complex depiction of life on a reservation for young people.

  • Barbara

    This is a 4.5 for me for many reasons. When I received this ARC of Eric Gansworth's latest offering, I knew that it would land on the top of my to-read pile, but I also knew that I would want to savor it just as I savored his earlier If I Ever Get Out of Here. I had to wait until the winter break from work to find time for the book, which covers some of the same territory as the previous one, set in and near the reservation and the town of Niagara Falls and featuring a fictionalized version of t ...more