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Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity #2)

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh dives beneath the surface of her Psy-Changeling world into a story of passionate devotion and selfless love...Security specialist Bowen Knight has come back from the dead. But there's a ticking time bomb in his head: a chip implanted to block telepathic interference that could fail at any moment--taking his brain along with it. With no time to waste, he should be back on land helping the Human Alliance. Instead, he's at the bottom of the ocean, consumed with an enigmatic changeling...Kaia Luna may have traded in science for being a chef, but she won't hide the facts of Bo's condition from him or herself. She's suffered too much loss in her life to fall prey to the dangerous charm of a human who is a dead man walking. And she carries a devastating secret Bo could never imagine...But when Kaia is taken by those who mean her deadly harm, all bets are off. Bo will do anything to get her back--even if it means striking a devil's bargain and giving up his mind to the enemy......

Title : Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity #2)
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ISBN : 9781101987827
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 403 pages
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Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity #2) Reviews

  • Kimberly

    Reviewed for Wit and Sin

    Ocean Light is pure delight! Life under the sea has not been this much fun since The Little Mermaid. Every time Nalini Singh invites readers into a new part of the Psy-Changeling world, I fall in love all over again.

    Bowen Knight – the champion and effective leader of the Human Alliance – is living on borrowed time. The chip implanted in his brain to stop Psy attacks on his mind is failing and will more than likely take his brain down with it. His only shot at survival

  • Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth

    Since listening to the audiobook of Silver Silence I've been obsessed with the Psy-Changeling world. I'm making my way through the first books in this series via audio and loving them. If you don't mind jumping in in the middle of a series - Silver Silence is a good place to start but you definitely want to read all of them because the other books just give you a deeper reading experience.

    So...Ocean Light. My friends know how fascinated I am with the ocean. There is nothing more mysterious on th

    He’d found the one person who sang to his heart and he’d found her at the worst possible moment in his life.

    Kaia's changeling form is not revealed until the very end but I think it's pretty easy to guess. Her playful, loving nature, her way of taking care of her people by cooking them their favorite foods, her levelheadedness and sweet composition that still holds an edge, made me love her. Kaia has issues aplenty but she doesn't let fear stand in her way for long - she grabs it by the horns and wrestles it down.

    She’d never be an easy lover, his siren. But she’d love fiercely and she’d light up his fucking life.

    The woman in Kaia wasn't looking for love and Bo definitely wasn't the man she would have picked but fate doesn't really give you options. She's the perfect counterpart to the man who is so aware of the duties to his people. She teaches him to let loose and play and underscores Bo's protective side. She makes him laugh and brings out his playful and romantic side. I adored their relationship, they fell in love at the best and worst time. Their time is limited but they give all they have, hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

    They might only have a fragment of an instant in time, but he’d make that fragment extraordinary.

    The ocean world Nalini Singh built is utterly captivating. I could see the city underwater before my eyes. It was lush and exuberant, beautiful and abundant and I loved spending time there. I loved reading about whales and octopus, turtles and orcas. It felt like a place from the future, something that is possible.

    I'm completely intrigued by all of the side cast in this installment. Miane and Malachai definitely need their own story, and I also want to see Kaia's other cousins mated! They are so mischievous, lovable rogues with a constant twinkle in their eyes.

    The Psy-Changeling universe is very political. The world the three factions are trying to build is very complex and full of machinations and schemes. It makes for a slower read but in no way is it boring. I love the rich and complicated world Nalini Singh has created. It is captivating, spell-binding and I hope we get lots and lots more of books in this series. Ms Singh is at the top of my favorite authors with her beautiful, emotion-filled writing which is so full of romance and love and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!

    “You are the greatest gift of my life.”


  • Mei

    As I said in my progress, I might have been influenced by my love for the sea, but I found very intriguing the "new" changelings of Black Sea! :)

    I was ineterested in them since they appeared and here we are given a little glimpse at them and their life and interactions.

    Almost like Bowen was! LOL

    As he himself says, how could a small woman change into a whale? Where does all that mass comes from? It's a kind of magic! ;-)

    I was also curious how NS would fit a human, Bowen, into a much bigger and m

  • Ira

    4.25 stars!

    Bo is the man!! ❤❤❤

    But.... Kaleb still is the god though! 😘

    Next, Malachai’s story please Nalini? 😁

    I really like this story, the suspense and mystery was good, and the villain? I really didn’t see that coming, but I couldn’t give this 5 stars! Because I’m getting tired with this Consortium Bastards getting free pass for those awful crimes they’ve been doing without being punished. The ones who paid their crimes mostly just their minions! 😡

    It has been too many books Nalini, is about tim

  • RachelW (BamaGal)

    DNF at 24%. I'm bored; and had already started skimming through all the nothing happening. It's just not holding my interest. I will have to hear that this gets vastly more entertaining before I pick it up again.

    Singh's "Guild Hunter" series is so much better, imo...

  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews

    4.5 stars

    I have to admit that I love Nalini Singh's changelings more than her PSY. And every time she writes a story centered on changelings I'm going into DO NOT DISTURB MODE.

    Ocean Light was fabulous. Not action packed, just character driven, slow burn, swoony, sweet, heart-achingly beautiful at times and all around awesome.

    What I LOVED most about this book was the story between Bowen and Kaia.

    Bowen has been a part of this series for a long time now. As a human, he was never big on my radar. I

  • Sarah

    Nalini Singh is one of the few authors who has never let me down, I preorder her books the second they pop up on amazon, devour them the minute I can get hold of them and I always know that I'm in for heartwarming romance, fantastic characters and wonderful world building. Her Psy-Changeling series is one of the best paranormal romance series out there and this new second phase of the series is proving that she's still at the top of her game. As much as I love the SnowDancer and DarkRiver packs ...more

  • Robin (Bridge Four)

    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart

    A tale of underwater changelings and the human who volunteered to be their science experiment.

    Bowan has been a character  I’ve had mixed feelings about in prior books of this Psy-Changeling Trinity series.  I didn’t get all of Bo’s motivations to put a dangerous experimental chip in his head that protects him from psy manipulation but is also killing him slowly as well.  Ocean Light digs into Bo’s head literally and we learn not only why th