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Origin Story: A Big History of Everything

A captivating history of the universe -- from before the dawn of time through the far reaches of the distant future.Most historians study the smallest slivers of time, emphasizing specific dates, individuals, and documents. But what would it look like to study the whole of history, from the big bang through the present day -- and even into the remote future? How would looking at the full span of time change the way we perceive the universe, the earth, and our very existence?These were the questions David Christian set out to answer when he created the field of "Big History," the most exciting new approach to understanding where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. In Origin Story, Christian takes readers on a wild ride through the entire 13.8 billion years we've come to know as "history." By focusing on defining events (thresholds), major trends, and profound questions about our origins, Christian exposes the hidden threads that tie everything together -- from the creation of the planet to the advent of agriculture, nuclear war, and beyond.With stunning insights into the origin of the universe, the beginning of life, the emergence of humans, and what the future might bring, Origin Story boldly reframes our place in the cosmos....

Title : Origin Story: A Big History of Everything
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Origin Story: A Big History of Everything Reviews

  • Jie Mauricio

    Learned so much from this book!!!

  • Lindsey

    I wanted more from this book. I should have known when I was getting into when I approached it, because it really does cover the "big history" of our world. I thrive on details, see, and the details I got were not enough to make me fly through this book. I hesitate to say that I found it dry, but as someone who struggles to wrap her brain around certain scientific principles, it was... a lot of science. Atoms and energy and chemicals and lots of numbers.

    The content seemed front-heavy, and it rus

  • Janis

    I read a recommendation for this book by Bill Gates and was lucky enough to get a copy quickly from the library. It was slow going at first as there was so much scientific information, much of which was not known when I was in school back in the 50s and 60s. However, in spite of the technological challenges, Christian's writing is engaging enough to keep the reader hanging in there. Proudly finished it a day before it is due back and where 44 people have it on their hold lists and are anxiously ...more

  • Bill Gates

    We all have an origin story. In some societies, they manifest as creation myths. In others, they look more like history textbooks. For example, as a kid in the United States, I grew up learning about the group of rebels who stood up to their British overlords and founded our country. It’s human nature to be curious about where we come from, and origin stories unite people through a common history and shared sense of purpose.

    But what if all of humanity shared an origin story? What would that stor

  • Jamila Heckathorn

    it was really interesting and educational, but not overwhelming, right up until it got downright depressing. pretty much the cliffs notes of years of science and history that my brain had stored away, followed by the daunting plan of what can extend the life of our planet and species, and thusly concluded with how, even if we buy some time, eventually we will all be absorbed into black holes billions of years from now anyway. joy! glad i took this “refresher course” anyway. sometimes i miss scho ...more

  • Jerry Wall

    History of universe and people with timeline in thresholds from one age to another with seven of so thresholds til we get to modern history.

    early on after big bang energy itself split up into 1 gravity, 2 the electromagnetic force, then the 3 strong and 4 weak nuclear forces. p.23

    . . . electromagnetism is . . . 10 to 36th times as strong as gravity. p. 28

    . . . the first living organism as Luca (Or LUCA, from "last universal common ancestor. . . p. 90

    . . . symbols (deceptively simple words like

  • Mansi Gupta

    I'd have given it 5 stars except the last couple of chapters just felt out of sync with the tone of the rest of the book.

  • Flora

    If anyone's feeling sorry for themselves, try reading up on The Origin Story by David Christian.

    For those who are remotely interested in world history, perhaps they have come across Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, which covers the history of humans, as named. However, that's not the full story - not even the marginal story. The Origin Story, then, gives a more comprehensive view of the universe. I have yet to cross any book that covers all disciplines, including: physics, cosmology, astronomy, che