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Choose Your Own Disaster

A hilarious, quirky, and unflinchingly honest memoir about one young woman's terrible and life-changing decisions while hoping (and sometimes failing) to find herself, in the style of Never Have I Ever and Adulting. Join Dana Schwartz on a journey revisiting all of the terrible decisions she made in her early twenties through the internet's favorite method of self-knowledge: the quiz. Part-memoir, part-VERY long personality test, CHOOSE YOUR OWN DISASTER is a manifesto about the millennial experience and modern feminism and how the easy advice of "you can be anything you want!" is actually pretty fucking difficult when there are so many possible versions of yourself it seems like you could be. Dana has no idea who she is, but at least she knows she's a Carrie, a Ravenclaw, a Raphael, a Belle, a former emo kid, a Twitter addict, and a millennial just trying her best....

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Choose Your Own Disaster Reviews

  • Andrea Jenkins

    Absolutely incredible and completely raw memoir. From binge eating disorders, sketchy Tinder hookups, jealousy, braving the BDSM scene, and cheating on the near perfect guy, Dana guides you through her 20’s in a way that helps you see fucking up can actually teach you a lot about your inner self. Reading this is like one of those conversations with a friend when you figure out you’ve both made them same stupid mistakes and were silly to be too afraid to tell each other.

    I finished this book feeli

  • Meghan Green

    I received this as an Advanced Reading copy through Indigo (#IndigoEmployee).

    I was originally curious when I saw this on our list of available books, since it's listed under "poetry" and, having never read any books in the poetry category before, I thought I had a clear idea of what poetry looked like. One or two words per line, arranged in a fancy shape, maybe some rhyming.

    This book is not that (thankfully, in my opinion). It's set up in a personality quiz that wraps around a very honest memo

  • Andrew Shaffer

    Writing a memoir about your twenties while you are still in your twenties and getting it published by a major publisher is some Big Dick Energy. And writing it in 2nd person? Not even @guyinyourMFA would risk that. It’s surprising that it works as well as it does, since I’m not a fan of millennials or 2nd person POV.

  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)


  • Sara

    I got this book as an ARC, so I'm guessing in the final copy it actually has page numbers instead of "turn to page 000" since it seems that some of the chapters are supposed to follow each other. However, I read straight through and managed to still follow the narrative. I found the writing occasionally funny, but not particularly relatable -- is this Gen Z? Late Millenialism?

  • Anna Godfrey

  • Hannah Orenstein

    I devoured this in one weekend. Dana's voice sucks you in, her stories are alternately laugh-out-loud funny and smartly introspective, and you won't be able to put this one down. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves GIRLS, BuzzFeed quizzes, or Dana's Twitter.

  • Carrie Surbaugh

    A wonderful portrait of life as a woman who grew up on the internet. Schwartz is so honest about her emotions across a wide variety of harrowing and/or hilarious experiences. I liked the choose-your-own-adventure structure, but it did make me nervous that I was missing big chunks of the story. You can also just read through this and it’s roughly chronological, if jumping around in time makes you nervous.