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Part-Time Lover (Part-Time Lover #1)

A sexy new standalone romance from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely!Ill say this about Christian he made one hell of a first impression.When I first saw the strapping man, he was doing handstands naked on a dock along the canal. His crown jewels were far more entertaining than anything else Id seen on the boat tour, so I did what any curious woman would do I took his photo. I might have looked at the shot a few dozen times. Little did I know Id meet him again, a year later, at a secret garden bar in the heart of the city, where Id learn that his mind and his mouth were even more captivating. But given the way my heart had been trampled, I wanted only a simple deal No strings. No expectations. Our arrangement worked well enough until the day I needed a lot more from him***Let me just say, this whole part-time lover thing was her idea. Id have gone all-in from the start, but hey, when a gorgeous, brilliant woman invites you into her bed, and only her bedwell, I said yes.But then, one hysterical phone call from my brother later, begging me to find myself a wife so grandfathers business stays in the family, and I need a promotion with Elise. Turns out a full-time husband suits her needs too, and a temporary marriage of convenience ought to do the trick, until we can simply untie the knotAs long as no one finds outAs long as no one gets hurtAs long as no one falls in love But our ending was one I never saw coming. ...

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Part-Time Lover (Part-Time Lover #1) Reviews

  • bookbruin

    This was such a fun and sexy marriage of convenience romance! Though the hero and heroine were introduced in the book Wanderlust, Part-Time Lover can be enjoyed as a standalone.

    Christian and Elise are both driven and independent individuals. They each have some emotional baggage that has left them jaded about love. A chance encounter (or is it fate?) in Denmark throws them into each other's orbits, but a simple mistake keeps them from meeting until a year later in France. Christian and Elise hav

  • Kim

    We met Christian and Elise in Wanderlust as they are friends of Joy and Griffin. Elise is French-American, lives in Paris, and owns a marketing company. She is blunt, bold, confident, caring, but also skeptical and guarded when it comes to love. She has been burned and does not plan for that to happen ever again. But she is not sure what would make her feel truly happy again.

    Christian is Danish-British and shares time between Paris and Copenhagen. He retired from running his family's company ful

  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle


    5 Hand Stand CROWNS

    Lauren Blakely’s new romantic comedies set in Europe have absolutely swept me away. They all the have the witty banter and insane chemistry we have come to expect from her rom-coms, but they also have this essence to them, one that makes you want to pack your bag and travel the world. With each book my wanderlust only increases.

    Like almost all of her couples, Christian and Elise have instant chemistry, and the one aspect of Blakely’s writing i

  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)

    Part-Time Lover is Lauren Blakely's new sexy, sweet, fun, light-hearted romance about how sometimes, part-time lovers can become more than you ever thought they could. Lauren knows how to pull at my heart strings, make me laugh and swoon and she always gives me exactly what I need when I need it. Part-Time Lover has the same feel as Trophy Husband (one of my all-time favorite books of Lauren's). We met both Christian and Elise in Wanderlust and they were both fun and sexy. Now we get their story ...more

  • Yvette ~ Nose Stuck in a Book

    Ever since Griffin’s friend, Christian, and Joy’s friend, Elise, were introduced in Wanderlust, I had a sneaking suspicion we might be seeing more of them. The moment Elise mentioned her preference for a “part-time lover,” that suspicion became a certainty (of course, it helped that the title for Lauren Blakely’s next book was already released). Little did I know that Christian and Elise’s history was more complex than I initially imagined. A missed connection and a helping hand from fate pave t ...more

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    5 Fate's Timely Dance Stars

    * * * * * Spoiler Free

    Oh, how we never know what we have control over and how much is destined to be...I think there can be a mix of both and we just need to be aware and open to the possibilities. Lauren Blakley took that concept in her book Wanderlust and carried into Part-Time Lover. Wanderlust introduced us to people who grabbed life by two hands and lived.

    We had Elise whose quote, "We should enjoy every day, and eat it like a fruit”, gave the push others needed to


  • Cee Cee Houston

    Aaaahhhh!!! This book made me so happy. I’ve just finished reading it with the dopiest smile on my face. It’s a warm and wonderful story of chance meetings and fateful destinations.

    Elise Durand is enjoying the sights of the Danish canals when she spies a naked man doing handstands and gets propositioned by him.

    Christian Ellison is a young, enormously wealthy and newly retired businessman, but life after the office doesn’t sit well with him and he needs a distraction. He thinks he found one in th

  • Becca - ✭Little Red Reading Hood✭

    This book...This book... Can I marry this book? Like seriously, Lauren Blakely keeps writing stories I can’t resist. Her stories are like the finest drug, they will make you an addict in no time. I’m one of the victims. And I’m happy get involved with everything she writes.

    Part-Time Lover is absolultely my favorite novel of hers. I adored Wanderlust and the other books before, but Part-Time Lover is my very own Unicorn – Blakely – Novel. I’ve fallen in love with this book step by step. I lived e