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Player on Ice (Boys of Winter #5)

Jaxon Holland is more than a top-scoring center for the Las Vegas Wolveshes also the biggest player on the team. Women love him, flock to him, lust for his sculpted body. Yeah, life is good for this hockey player. Or it was until lately. After blowing a key play in what may have been the biggest game of the season, the fans sour on Jaxon. Good thing memories are short, right? Uh, theyre not when a widely popular sports blogger, known simply as Mr. Hockeypants, calls Jaxon out and places all the blame for the loss on him. Life goes from bad to worse, and Jaxon wants to get away. Good thing one of his teammates has a beautiful, secluded beach house he can escape to. Sand, sun, surf, and lots of alone time sound good to this disgruntled centerman. Only problem is the beach house is already occupiedby beautiful and spunky Cara Milne. Cara and Jaxon are off to a rocky start after an extremely awkward first meeting. Yeah, these two pretty much hate each other. But Jaxon, forever a player at heart, vows to win his housemate over. What he doesnt know is Cara is Mr. Hockeypants! His worst enemy, the bane of his existence! And shes determined that he never finds out. Too bad keeping a secret is more slippery than ice, especially when you start falling in love with the guy you almost destroyed. Player on Ice is the fifth standalone novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series. **STANDALONE** **EACH BOOK IN THE BOYS OF WINTER SERIES FEATURES A DIFFERENT SMOKING-HOT HOCKEY PLAYER'S STORY**...

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Player on Ice (Boys of Winter #5) Reviews

  • melissasbookworld

    I couldn't be happier when I was given an e-arc of this book, the fifth installment in the Boys of Winter series, that rapidly became a favorite sports romance series of mine.

    I've devoured the prior 4 books and was so excited to read Jaxon's story! Could it live up to its high expectations? YES, YES, YES.


    This story revolves around a really great haters-to-lovers-romance. The banter between these two characters is so funny and the sparks flying between Jaxon and Cara is off the charts HOT! The

  • Jessica Alcazar

    The Boys of Winter series has been one of my favorite sports romance series. It has put a smile of my face every time and made me feel so much at the same time! Even tho each book could stand on its own as a read, in my opinion, you are more for the better to read them all. This series is more than just about the individuals, its about the team. And it shows in every book!

    The condensed gist of this story is that Jaxon plows a play that causes the team to lose a game. Yes, it’s a huge blow to Jax

  • Tiffany Readz

    3.5 Stars-It's Good But.....

    Like most, I'm all for the hot hockey player with a bit of an attitude and Jaxon Holland delivered when it came to that! Now Jaxon and Cara together...totally different story and I have no idea why these two didn't click for me.

    Jaxon is young, well, so is she and he's been playing hockey all of his life. Playing and practicing to get to where we find him, vying for the Stanley Cup. It's no secret that he misses his opportunity, the secret is how he chooses to reflect

  • Dimple

    Oh the cocky boys of the ice arena, gotta love them! As a hockey lover myself, I thoroughly enjoyed all the game talk AND the fiesty flirting of Player on Ice.

    Jaxon Holland is a serious up-and-comer for the Wolves, Las Vegas' hockey team but a mistake that costs the team their entry into the finals has the fans gunning for him. Unfortunately for him, those fickle fans have a ringleader, a douchebag that calls himself Mr. Hockeypants and posts trash about him. Needing to escape the madness, he b

  • Brianne

    This was the perfect book to read right after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. I love sports romance novels - especially hockey and I was still relishing the fact that Washington won the cup and my boy Holtby will be bringing the CUP back to his hometown. So anyways .... I guess I should stop rambling about my love of Washington and talk to you about this great new book ... However, another fun fact was that the team that Jaxon Holland played on is the Las Vegas Wolves .... who lost ...more

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews

    Beware! The level of HOTNESS in this book is off the charts!

    Jaxson and Cara have tremendous chemistry which is sparked by their banter. Cara is sweet but her feisty side will not let Jaxson get away with anything.

    As hockey players go he is king of the ice both in looks and ability. So when he messed up in the last few minutes of a key game, the fans were very upset. How could he miss a pass and then get a penalty with only a minute to play in the game?

    This is an entertaining and quick moving sto

  • Read.Review.Repeat Blog

    "4 pucks

    This was a good love story, but I predicted a lot of things before they happened.

    I still enjoyed the hate to love romance between Cara & Jaxson. Their chemistry and passion was off the charts.

    I would probably recommend this book.

    *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*" ~Lindsay

    "I really enjoy reading this series. I love to read sports romance novels, especially if they are about hockey. This in part is why I love this series, but mostly I think it is because of the wonderf

  • Nancy

    This is the first book I've read by S.R. Grey and I really enjoyed it! I'm a huge fan of ice hockey, so this is the perfect sports romance. Setting? My favorite place, the beach! Bad boy on ice Jaxon Holland needs to get away after getting bashed online for a terrible error in the last game of the playoffs. Alone on an island seems like the best place. Cara Milne may just be the reason Jaxon has to get away. Cara was supposed to stay on the island with her best friend, but she ends up there alon ...more