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The Terrible

From the poet behind bone, a lyrical memoirpart prose, part verseabout coming-of-age, uncovering the cruelty and the beauty of the wider world, and redemption through self-discovery and the bonds of familyMy little brother and I saw a unicorn in the garden in the late nineties.Im telling you. Neither one of us made it up; it was as real as anything else.The Terrible, Yrsa Daley-Wards brave, raw, lyrical memoir that captures the surreal magic and incredible discomfort of adolescence, burgeoning sexuality, rootlessness, and connection. Through emotional snapshots that span from her adolescence through her early twenties, each brought to life in Yrsas signature style of open white spaces and stirring, singular lines, The Terrible evokes the pain and thrill of girlhood, as well as what it means to discover the fear and power that come with being a woman. With a sharp eye and a rare talent for mining the beauty and the sorrow in the everyday, Yrsa recounts her remarkable life: growing up as one of the only black children in a poor, white, working class town; navigating the extreme Christianity of her family; inquiring after her paternity; moving through phases of addiction and sexual encounters; and ultimately finding her place in her family and in life....

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The Terrible Reviews

  • Zish

    Gorgeous writing. How does she take a tough life and convey it so beautifully?

  • Sian

    Beautiful, harrowing truth that I could've devoured in a day. I'm glad I stretched out reading this across 3 days to be able to process and comprehend 'The Terrible' and terrible things that haunt Yrsa and Roo, but I hate they happened. An accessible (but far from easy) read that sums up how our screwed up society treats women and how easy it is to fall down a hole and keep spiralling.

  • Tara

    Labeled as a "lyrical memoir" which was very different and challenging for me, I enjoyed it but kept feeling like I wanted it to either be more of a book or more poetry, but the prose vs verse in-between was an interesting challenge to engage with. I took my time with this since she writes throughout about depression and the heaviness and darkness she paints is quite vivid.

  • Laura King

    Incredible memoir that feels more like verse than prose. So sad and gorgeous and compelling.

  • Evelyn

    I received this book for free through Goodreads. I really liked this book even though the writing style was different than the usual written memoir. She really pulled you into her story which made it hard to put the book down.

  • kelly

    This is a very unique memoir, with large parts of it written in verse. There's no pattern to what the next page was going to be (a poem or prose), but that was perfectly OK. I was too wrapped up in the author's words. Needless to say, I loved this book.

    Yrsa Daley-Ward tells a very honest story about her life. Her and her younger brother grow up in a very strict, very religious Seven-Day Adventist household with her mother's parents. With her father absent, her and her brother go to live with th

  • Bernadette

    Beautiful. Intense. Thank you, Yrsa Daley-Ward, for sharing your truth. So powerful how each chapter is a poem, a series of vignettes of different emotional states that also drive the narrative forward.

  • Mentai