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Without a Country

From the international bestselling author of Last Train to Istanbul comes a novel based on true events that explores the depths of pride, devotion, and persistence as four generations of a family struggle to forge their destinies.As Hitlers reign of terror begins to loom large over Germany, Gerhard and Elsa Schliemannlike other German Jewsmust flee with their children in search of sanctuary. But life elsewhere in Europe offers few opportunities for medical professor Gerhard and his fellow scientists. Then they discover an unexpected haven in Turkey, where universities and hospitals welcome them as valuable assets.But despite embracing their adopted land, personal and political troubles persist. Military coups bring unrest and uncertainty to the country, intermarriage challenges the cultural identity of Gerhard and Elsas descendants, and anti-Semitism once again threatens their future in the place they call home.From World War II to the age of social media, one familys generations find their way through love and loss, sacrifice and salvation, tragedy and triumphwith knowledge hard won and passion heartfelt....

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Without a Country Reviews

  • Hillary

    This book is easy to read--credit the translation. (I can't judge the original Turkish, of course.) Although the book blurb describes it as a WWII book, that's only a part of the story.

    I chose this as a Kindle Prime selection because the story of German Jewish intellectuals who emigrated to Turkey in the 1930s to save themselves from the Nazis looked interesting. And it was.

    But while the writing flowed smoothly and the story was enjoyable, there was something about the plot-line that bugged me

  • Linden

    1930lardan bugune Turkiye'yi etkileyen olaylari anlatmak ugruna bir cok faktoru es gecen roman. Karakterler gecit toreni yapiyor kitap boyunca, ne kisilikleri derinlemesine tanima imkani duyuyoruz ne de anlatim edebi bir tat birakiyor. Kurgu da, anafikir de, karakterler de yuzeysel olmaktan ote gidemiyor

  • Heather

    Sometimes I wonder if my history classes had spent more time on novels like this - fictionalized accounts of actual events - it all would have stuck better. I mean, obviously we'd need to learn the actual facts, too, but somehow I've discovered in the historical fiction I've read that it just "takes" better.

    Anyhow - well translated (and I assume well written), for the most part the characters felt realistic. While it's technically about 4 generations of a family, it's primarily focused on the da

  • Gail Smith

    This family saga begins as a German pathologist learns that he must leave Berlin immediately: Hitler is beginning to round up Jews. He and his family eventually relocate to Turkey, where he is instrumental in bringing other displaced Jewish doctors and scientists to staff the new Istanbul University. He and his daughter begin the assimilation process by learning Turkish, while his wife and son continue to see themselves as German. This story of life in exile recounts how different people react t ...more

  • Demet Çıkrıkcı

    Alıştığım Ayşe Kulin tadının çok gerisinde kalmış. Sanki zorlama yazılmış gibi; başlarda çok akıcı ilken daha sonra tıkanan bir hikaye. Severek okumadım diyebilirim.

  • Kutlu

    Kitabimiz kronolojik acidan gayet zengin 30 lu yillardan gunumuze uzaniyor. Bu surecte yahudi aile odakli bir hayatin ortasinda buluyoruz kendimizi. 4 nesili iceriyor icermesine de her biri uzerinde ayni oranda durulmamis ve kitabin baslarinda Ataturk zamani egitimdeki surecinin uzerinde yogunlasinca kitabin devaminin da bu yonde ilerleyecegini dusunmustum. Fakat kitap bir anda türk dizilerine donerek aşk temali bir kitap haline geldi. Karakterlerinde ben gercekten iyi donatilmis oldugunu dusunm ...more

  • Katie B

    By the early 1930s, Gerhard Schliemann knows that his family is no longer safe living in Germany because they are Jewish. He eventually finds employment in Turkey and soon his wife and two children join him and attempt to adapt to life in their new country. This is a historical fiction book that not only follows generations of a family from the 1930s to present day but also the country of Turkey as it undergoes massive changes throughout the years.

    What really drew me into the book was the settin

  • Nicole Patterson

    2.5 stars for this book. I really enjoy books set in the 1930s. This one was a little different then I was expecting it to be. There was a lot of history about Turkey which was a little slow reading for me. But I liked all the generations that I got to read about. Was wishing for a little more at the end. Left it open ended which I didn't like all that much.