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The Real Michael Swann

In a new novel from New York Times bestselling author Bryan Reardon, a suburban family is rocked in the wake of a terrorist attack on American soil.On a typical late summer day, Julia Swann is on the phone with her husband, Michael, when the call abruptly goes dead. Then the news rolls in: A bomb has gone off at Penn Station, where Michael was waiting for a train home. New York City is in a state of chaos.A frantic Julia races to the city to look for Michael, her panic interwoven with memories of meeting and falling in love with the husband she's now desperate to find. When someone finds a flier she's posted and tells her they may have seen her husband, her dreams seem to be answered. Yet as she tries to find him, her calls go unanswered. Weaving between the aftermath of the explosion and Julia's memories of her life with Michael, new developments raise troubling questions. Did Michael survive the explosion? Why hasn't he contacted her? What was he doing when their last call was cut off? Was heor is he stillthe man she fell in love with?Part family drama, part tragic love story, and part disaster narrative that hits terrifyingly close to home, The Real Michael Swann is a deftly plotted suspense novel with an unflinching portrait of a marriage at its heart, challenging us to confront the unthinkable--both in our country and in our own homes....

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The Real Michael Swann Reviews

  • Patricia

    When a terrorist strikes a NYC subway, a terrifying string of events occur to the Swann family. I really loved this novel and would give it 4.5 stars. I highly recommend the reading of THE REAL MICHAEL SWANN to all!

  • Brenda - Traveling Sister

    One Group / Two Coulees

    Norma and I read The Real Michael Swann with six of our traveling sisters and we had some different views on this one. This time in a coulee, I didn’t end up in the same coulee as Norma.

    The Real Michael Swann is part family drama with a little love story there between our two main characters Michael Swann and his wife Julia along with an intriguing story of a disaster. We all agreed the plot to this story was interesting, and clever. There is a bit of drama here and some

  • Debbie Oxier

    Wow! I've read both of Mr. Reardon's books and he's hit home runs both times. With Finding Jake I felt like he'd wrung every bit of emotion out of me by the time I reached the end. In this one, I thought I'd guessed the ending only to be hit with a huge twist I never saw coming instead.

    I was hooked on this one from the get go. I liked the characters for starters. Julia Swann had everything she wanted - a loving husband, two beautiful children, a nice home and good friends she could count on in

  • Liz

    The Real Michael Swann pulls you right in from the beginning! Michael Swann is just a regular guy trying to return home from a job interview when his whole world literally comes crashing down. This is a story of a family ripped apart by horrific violence and a wife trying to seek the truth. The author, Bryan Reardon, takes you on an emotional, suspenseful ride till the very last page. The Real Michael Swann is a compelling and chilling read! I definitely recommend!

    **4-riveting stars** ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Norma * Traveling Sister

    4.5 Stars!

    THE REAL MICHAEL SWANN by BRYAN REARDON was an extremely gripping, intense, and suspenseful story that had me totally engaged and interested right from the very first chapter. I was totally intrigued and emotionally invested in this story and thought the premise was unsettling but also so terrifyingly realistic. The scenes were intense and dramatic that had my heart-pounding and on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I was totally entertained and flew

  • Rebecca McNutt

    I won a copy of this book sometime in late March. Seeing as it never arrived (which for the record I don't think was the publisher's fault, just saying; it was probably the shipping company), I bought my own copy upon its release. I'm glad I did, because The Real Michael Swann is an impressive, complex mystery with a lot of originality making it stand out. Set in the US, the story not only questions the digital age and our desperate reliance on cell phones for all aspects of daily life and commu ...more

  • Holly  B

    2.5 STARS

    I'm just going do write a little mini-review of this one.

    I thought the premise of a terrorist attack and the mystery of what happened to Julia's husband, Micheal was an interesting one.

    She was speaking to him on the phone (he is at Penn Station waiting for his train to get home) and the line goes dead when an explosion is heard. This sets up a terrifying situation and one that seemed realistic. Julia proceeds to search for Micheal and tries to track him down.

    The flow didn't work out for

  • Stacey Camp

    **5 Goodreads Stars**

    A mysterious man sets a forest aflame next to a railroad, diverting oncoming trains back to a train station. Not much later, a man wanders into the same train station with a briefcase full of explosives. A few minutes later, the train station is blown to pieces, leaving thousands of people dead and injured.

    What happened that fateful day? Who is responsible for the killings?

    Bryan Reardon's  The Real Michael Swann centers on this mystery, focusing on how it ripples through