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Home on Huckleberry Hill (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill #9)

Huckleberry Hill, Wisconsins irrepressible eighty-something matchmakers Anna and Felty Helmuth are at it again. And this time theyre willing to rough it to get the job done...Mary Anne Neuenschwander knows she should be content with what Gotte has given her. She has a comfortable house, a fruitful farm, and a good, steady husband. But after nearly six years of marriage, she still longs for a baby. Yet her husband, Jethro, seems to care more about fishing than about his wife. Unable to bear Jethros indifference, Mary Anne moves into a tent in the woods where he wont have to be bothered. But when her mammi and dawdi find out what shes done, theyll stop at nothingincluding a little camping trip of their own to help save their granddaughters marriage...Jethros greatest blessing is his beloved wife, Mary Anne. Nothing else in his life has turned out anywhere near the way he expected. Rather than burden Mary Anne with his disappointment, he shields her by spending less and less time at home and more time on the river. But when he finds that shes moved out, hes shocked. What will people think? What is Mary Anne thinking? And what clever plans are her grandparents hatching?......

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Home on Huckleberry Hill (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill #9) Reviews

  • Sunnie

    It was great to read the next book in the Huckleberry Hill series. This one was really different than those I've read in the past. Instead of making a match for one of her grandchildren, Anna Helmuth attempts to fix a marriage and goes all out to do so.

    This warm-hearted story shows the love of family bonds and also the trials that come when an Amish couple no longer gets along as one might hope they do. The obstacles that poor Mary Anne has to work through are many as the people from church let

  • Angela Brocato-Skaggs

    Our favorite octogenarians, Annie and Felty, are back playing matchmaker, but this time it is for their already married granddaughter, Mary Anne. Mary Anne and her husband, Jethro, are having marital issues. The straw that broke the camels back was when Jethro forgot their anniversary and went fishing with his friends. Mary Anne decided to move out...into a tent in their backyard. Her grandparents get wind of the move and decided to join her camping in the backyard. Pretty soon Annie and Felty h ...more

  • Kristina

    Home on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand is the ninth tale in The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill. Anna Helmuth is worried about her granddaughter, Mary Anne’s marriage and, as usual, her instincts are spot on. Mary Anne Neuenschwander is fed up. She knows that she should be grateful for her home and her husband, but Mary Anne is not happy. Jethro cares more about his fishing pole than he does about Mary Anne. When he fails to remember their six-year anniversary, she moves into a tent in ...more

  • Carol

    Home On Huckleburry Hill is a story that is sad to say all too familiar. Now what that all too familiar story is it is man and woman marry - time goes by - man and woman drift apart and he just disses her and she gets fed up. He - I mean for real - he can only think and talk about is fishing - He doesn't have room in his life for anything else. She is heartbroken. She has tried everything she could so he finally broke the proverbial straw on the camels back and so she moves into a tent guess whe ...more

  • Jean Winkle

    Huckleberry Hill latest book!

    Wonderful as always! Hard to put the book down. This is one of my favorite series of books! Hope there will be another addition to the series!

  • Tracey

    Home on Huckleberry Hill was my first Jennifer Beckstrand book. I was intrigued by the storyline after the summary explains Mary Anne moves into a tent in the woods so her husband won't have to be bothered with her. At times the story is so funny I was laughing out loud and at other times the issues of being taken for granted in marriage and infertility were serious and in need of a resolution. The juxtaposition of these two extremes in one book is hard to pull off, but I think Beckstrand did a ...more

  • Ellen White

    HOME ON HUCKLEBERRY HILL by Jennifer Backstrand.

    With tubs of candy in their hands the locals are discussing the problems of some in their community. Gossip always traveling like lightning in the grocery store. Solution playing matchmaker again for a couple already married. Once again we have Anna and Felty working their magic What was Mary Anne and Jethro thinking of that’s not the way to have a family. Delightful, funny, and adorable couple to read about again. Given ARC by Net Galley and Kens