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Revenant Gun (The Machineries of Empire #3)

Machineries Of Empire, the most exciting science fiction trilogy of the decade, reaches its astonishing conclusion!When Shuos Jedao wakes up for the first time, several things go wrong. His few memories tell him that he's a seventeen-year-old cadet--but his body belongs to a man decades older. Hexarch Nirai Kujen orders Jedao to reconquer the fractured hexarchate on his behalf even though Jedao has no memory of ever being a soldier, let alone a general. Surely a knack for video games doesn't qualify you to take charge of an army?Soon Jedao learns the situation is even worse. The Kel soldiers under his command may be compelled to obey him, but they hate him thanks to a massacre he can't remember committing. Kujen's friendliness can't hide the fact that he's a tyrant. And what's worse, Jedao and Kujen are being hunted by an enemy who knows more about Jedao and his crimes than he does himself......

Title : Revenant Gun (The Machineries of Empire #3)
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ISBN : 9781781086070
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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Revenant Gun (The Machineries of Empire #3) Reviews

  • Girl

    I have received an advanced e-copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley

    ... BUT I also bought myself a paper copy of it (pre-ordered back in December and waiting for it to arrive) because I just love these books so much.

    What an amazing read. It's an engrossing book, from page one until the very end. The one caveat: it must not be read without the knowledge of the previous two volumes, because it just won't make too much sense. For this reason, it is also impossible to provide a summary of

  • Lindsay

    It's nine years since the climactic events of Raven Stratagem shattered the Hexarchate. What's left has consolidated into two groups, the Protectorate, loyal to the last Hexarch and effectively being run by the traditionalist General Kel Inesser while the Compact, running on the heretic calendar that was instituted in the previous book has formed up under General Kel Brezan. There's been a delicate peace between the two because both realms are worried that the Hexarchate's enemies would strike i ...more

  • charlotte

    tw for rape, dubious consent relationships (unhealthy power dynamics), torture, death

    Galley provided by publisher

    But that didn’t mean those things weren’t worth doing. Someone had to carry on with the small acts that kept civilization moving. And this time it was her turn.

    You know those series that make you kind of reluctant to read the final book because you don't quite trust the author not to break your heart into a million pieces? This was one of those ones. I've had the ARC of this for a g ...more

  • Jason

    4.5 Stars

    Revenant Gun (The Machineries of Empire #3)by Yoon Han Lee is an amazing conclusion to one of the very best science fiction trilogies that I have ever read.

    Simply amazing

    Raven Strategem(The Machineries of Empire #2) is a truly fabulous follow up to the awesome first book The Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Han Lee. This is a military science fiction series that is often quite a difficult read but totally worth it for science fiction fans.

    In the first book, I loved the characters and the action e

  • Claudie Arseneault

    DISCLAIMER: i received a copy of REVENANT GUN in exchange for a honest review

    Revenant Gun manages to continue everything I loved about the previous two books in the trilogy—brilliant character arcs wrapped in tense military action, a cutting sense of humour, and a care for individual passions and nerdery that brings a whole universe to life—while still bringing new things to the table and offering a totally different book from the other three. Besides, it hasn’t escaped me how elements of Revena

  • Alex Sarll

    Yoon Ha Lee wraps up the intricate, vicious dance of intergalactic politics set in motion in Ninefox Gambit, opening nine years after the events of Raven Stratagem upended the Hexarchate. Kel Cheris, who set off that revolution, was the protagonist of the first book, and the focus of the second, but has now vanished, leaving allies and enemies alike scrambling to make the best of the new world she wrought. And it's important here that all of them, even the ones who seem - and are - most monstrou ...more

  • Ceillie Simkiss

    A good finale. You will cry. Many TWs needed.

    Read my full review here!

  • Quintin Zimmermann

    Yoon Ha Lee's "The Machineries of Empire" trilogy offers something truly unique: dense world building in terms of which society and technology are based on the strength of the shared belief in the calendrical mathematical system.

    As Jedao postulated in Ninefox Gambit: "all calendrical war is a game between competing sets of rules, fuelled by the coherence of our beliefs. To win a calendrical war, you have to understand how game systems work."

    It has been said before, but to truly enjoy this serie