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Little Moments of Love

Soppy meets Sarahs Scribbles in this sweet collection of comics about the simple,precious, silly, everyday moments that make up a relationship.What began as stray doodles on scraps of paper became an internet sensation when Catana Chetwynds boyfriend shared her drawings online. Now, Catana Comics touches millions of readers with its sweet, relatable humor. Little Moments of Love collects just that the little moments that are the best parts of being with the person you love....

Title : Little Moments of Love
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ISBN : 9781449492977
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 160 pages
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Little Moments of Love Reviews

  • ♥ Sandi ❣

    3.5 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the early reading of this book. Will publish May 15, 2018.

    Sweet little graphic book expressing all renditions of 'love bites' between two people. The author Catana and her paramour, John, started these cute comics as an expression of love between them, then decided to take them public.

    Centering on two young people in the throes of love, the comic characters show the little things that make them happy.

  • chandler ainsley ❁

    the milk & honey of comics

    this was pretty cute, if not a little saccharine. it was a collection of comics that focused on the moments between the author and her boyfriend.

    and i will say for those of us you in long term relationships, this will be really relatable and parts of it will have you saying "omg that's us!!!" which is why i compared this to milk and honey. it's got that tumblr-esque relatability that's pretty fun and easy to read.

    but i think for me, comics/graphic novels etc can be

  • Sara➽ (Ink Is My Sword)

    5 “Heartwarming” Stars

    Copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    First, this was fucking cute.

    I became Jennifer Lawrence reading this book:

    *Be warned my self-pity leaks in this review, just a tiny bit, I am fine though.*

    I am a very much single pringle, and I tend to get annoyed by couples who are too happy, because of reasons unknown. who am I kidding, I just hate love if I don’t have it too, I am selfish. But I genuinely enjoyed this. I smiled and

  • Erica Barnes

    I love seeing Catana Comics on Facebook so when Netgalley had the ebook, I was so excited! These comics are just darling and sweet. A reminder of how great life can be when people just get you. I loved revisiting comics that I had already seen and reading new ones!

  • Theediscerning

    Hmmm... I expected a lot more from this book. I smirked heartily once (with him 'showing her off') and that was about it for emotional response. Instead, even if I've been through what the book intends to portray on more than one occasion, I found it very false - while I shouldn't be turning to this kind of book looking for realism, I saw how unrealistic the whole thing is. This is a world with no burst pipes, no weird friends, no time pressures, (no periods, to be blunt) - and no work to ever w ...more

  • Roobie

    4 stars

    Well that was adoooorable.

  • Anya

    I had seen Catana Chetwynd's cutesy comics floating around on Reddit so I thought why not let's give it a read, this shit looks cute. Reader, I was wrong. Apparently with age, I have transformed into a grouchy old grinch. :(

    Me circa 2015 when I read twee stuff:

    Me, now:

    Life has slapped me around a bit and I have hardened like a Metapod. ;-; So perhaps, I wasn't the target audience after all.

    Thanks for the arc though, NetGalley!

  • Monique V

    Wow my heart is warm and happy right now. This is literaly the sweetest cutest most adorable thing in the universe!! The drawings are so cute and the relationship gives me hope and made me feel warm and fuzzy and those last pictures where she wishes the same thing every year..... my heart could not handle the adorableness!!! I need to check out more works by this girl!