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I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip

Bestselling writer and activist Alicia Cook returns withI Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip, a collection of poetry, prose, and song. The follow-up toStuff I've Been Feeling Latelycontains anthem-like poems aboutrelationships, mental health,currentsocial issues,and learning from loss, with the promise that recovery is possible.The reader's experience with this unique collection is lifted from the page as Cook has collaborated with a number of up and coming musicians to transform some of her poetry into song.Like her debut book, this one is divided into two parts. Modeled after a vinyl record this time, the collection is separated into the EP record, holding Cook's shorter poetry, and the LP record, holding Cook's longer poetry, prose, and songwriting.Together, they form an inspiring collection for all those recovering from something....

Title : I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip
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ISBN : 9781449494247
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 160 pages
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I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip Reviews

  • Nadine

    I received an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of Alicia Cook’s new poetry collection in exchange for an honest review. This book deals with some heavy topics, so I suggest every reader looks at the Trigger Warning (TW) at the beginning of the collection and in the table of contents before reading the poems.

    I fell in love with Alicia’s work after I read her first book, “Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately”. I have been craving more of her beautiful poetry since I closed that book about a year ago. I was

  • Misty

    I just want to say thank you so much to the Author and Andrew McMeel Publishing for providing me with a physical copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

    Just like in her first poetry collection Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately this collection is divided into 2 parts. Part one is called The EP and part two is called The LP which like mentioned in the synopsis is modeled after a vinyl record. I find the way she formats her collection to be really unique and this one is made even more uniq

  • Jasmine

    Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with the ARC of I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip in exchange for an honest review!

    Someone please just give Alicia Cook all the awards. I read her mixtape, Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately last year and absolutely fell in love with Cook's poetry. When I saw this on Netgalley, of course I had to request it. The mixtape was incredible, but this was something else entirely. Poetry rarely moves me enough to make me cry, but I was sobbing throughout this. Having lost a f

  • Hafsa

    Around the Year in 52 Books: 43. A book with a title that is a whole sentence.

    3.5 stars

    First, let's get the math done for how I finally decided on the rating:

    EP portion: 2.5 stars + LP portion: 4 stars = 3.25 stars, round up to 3.5 stars.

    This was a predicted 5 star read because I absolutely loved Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately but the first half of the book was just not my cup of tea. The writing was average and at points, trite beyond imagination. The only redeeming point as with any of Cook

  • Sophia Hanson

    Alicia Cook is a genius. She marches to the beat of her own drum and the world is better for it. I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip bucks the expectations of modern poetry with incomparable grace. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Read it. Love it. Share it. You'll be glad you did.

  • Jessica | Booked J

    Review also found here.

    As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

    I've said it once, I'll say it a billion times: Alicia Cook is one of the best voices in modern poetry. She never fails in moving me with simple prose and the ties between her poems and music make reading her work an even better experience. I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip had a lot to live up to. Alicia Cook's first

  • Crystal

    I read this book as an ARC. I spent the afternoon into the evening reading Alicia Cook’s new book of poetry entitled I Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip. It took me a few poems to get the feel for her voice and style of poetry but after I acclimated, I enjoyed her work. I would call her a poet for everyday. She writes about the life lived with human foibles and heartbreaks. But her work is not hopeless. She offers courage to overcome and even to rise above the struggles and keep pressing forward. It ha ...more

  • Cassandra

    As I often find with poetry collections, some of these poems spoke deeply to me, and others I couldn't connect with all. I could still see how they could be relate-able to others. I found the writing style to be easy to read, and easy to get lost in. I read it cover to cover, and hardly noticed the time passing. All in all, i feel like it would make a wonderful book for any poetry fans, or anyone interested in getting more familiar with poetry, but want something light.

    I have received a much ap