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She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity

Carl Zimmer presents a history of our understanding of heredity in this sweeping, resonating overview of a force that shaped human society--a force set to shape our future even more radically.She Has Her Mother's Laugh presents a profoundly original perspective on what we pass along from generation to generation. Charles Darwin played a crucial part in turning heredity into a scientific question, and yet he failed spectacularly to answer it. The birth of genetics in the early 1900s seemed to do precisely that. Gradually, people translated their old notions about heredity into a language of genes. As the technology for studying genes became cheaper, millions of people ordered genetic tests to link themselves to missing parents, to distant ancestors, to ethnic identities. . . .But, Zimmer writes, "Each of us carries an amalgam of fragments of DNA, stitched together from some of our many ancestors. Each piece has its own ancestry, traveling a different path back through human history. A particular fragment may sometimes be cause for worry, but most of our DNA influences who we are--our appearance, our height, our penchants--in inconceivably subtle ways." Heredity isn't just about genes that pass from parent to child. Heredity continues within our own bodies, as a single cell gives rise to trillions of cells that make up our bodies. We say we inherit genes from our ancestors--using a word that once referred to kingdoms and estates--but we inherit other things that matter as much or more to our lives, from microbes to technologies we use to make life more comfortable. We need a new definition of what heredity is and, through Carl Zimmer's lucid exposition and storytelling, this resounding tour de force delivers it. Weaving historical and current scientific research, his own experience with his two daughters, and the kind of original reporting expected of one of the world's best science journalists, Zimmer ultimately unpacks urgent bioethical quandaries arising from new biomedical technologies, but also long-standing presumptions about who we really are and what we can pass on to future generations....

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She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity Reviews

  • Jaimie

    Good, but a bit uneven. Some sections were very enjoyable, but others dragged a bit for me.

  • Pam Mooney

    An amazing and well researched book. Takes us through the history and research of heredity from

    first works to today. It was so interesting to know where we started and how little we knew about heredity not that long ago. Some scientific researchers got it right and others drew wrong conclusions which may be forgivable for the time period but caused so much harm. There were certainly many ethical dilemmas that came in strong. Although it includes studies and scientific outcomes it is easy to rea

  • Amanda

    I received an arc from a Goodreads giveaway. I have been reading this over time along with other stories because this is a big book to take on. There is a lot of interesting information about heredity.

  • Robert Monk

    A nice overview of the current state of the science of heredity. It goes through a lot of topics, the most interesting one of which was, for me, the fact that fetal stem cells go back and forth between a mother and a fetus, leading both of them to carry a bit of genetic material from the other. This happens with twins in utero, as well, which can have some odd effects on the later adults. Mr. Zimmer had his own genetics sequenced, which he used as a kind of framing device through the book, addin ...more

  • Ilya

    This is a popular history of genetics from classical times through the twentieth century, when most of it was figured out, to the present. There is a lot of fascinating stuff for the non-biologist: a contagious tumor as an immortal life form derived from dogs; embryos giving their stem cells to mothers, who then give them to their subsequent children; a human hermaphrodite formed by the merger of a boy embryo and a girl embryo; a fish-bacteria symbiont that reproduces by having the bacteria swim ...more

  • Nazia Naz

    The given title she has her mothers laugh attracted me I want to read it.

  • Gerard Villegas

    After reading this, I'm gonna clone myself with my DNA or create a homonculous to help restart humanity. Lord knows we need it

  • Ted Savage

    A detailed historical overview of mankind’s understanding of heredity that is masterfully presented in logical order. Mankind’s relatively recent experimentation with CRISPR is exciting, inspiring and concerning.