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Snotgirl, Vol. 2: California Screaming (Snotgirl #2)

From the creator of SCOTT PILGRIM! Lottie Person is a glamorous fashion blogger living her best life in L.A. at least thats what she wants you to think. CALIFORNIA SCREAMING finds Lottie putting the past behind her and trying to make the best of a bad situation her life! Lotties new bestie is an emotional roller coaster: first she died, and then she killed someone. Who will Caroline hurt next, and what is her brother Virgil doing here? What secret is Detective John Cho seeking in the desert? Why did Cutegirl ghost her sister? Is Normgirl really going to marry Ashley? And what in gods name did Sunny ever see in Charlene? These questions and many others may possibly be answered in SNOTGIRL, VOL. 2: CALIFORNIA SCREAMING! IGN calls SNOTGIRL Fresh and different! and says its sheer weirdness, creativity and heart will appeal to fans of SCOTT PILGRIM and SECONDS! Collects SNOTGIRL #6-10....

Title : Snotgirl, Vol. 2: California Screaming (Snotgirl #2)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781534306615
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 136 pages
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Snotgirl, Vol. 2: California Screaming (Snotgirl #2) Reviews

  • Bookishrealm

    This series just isn't working for me. It's all over the place and doesn't seem to make much sense. I read this one in hopes that the rest of the story would begin to make sense, but unfortunately the series just became more confusing. I don't really see this story going anywhere and I'll be extremely surprised if I pick up another volume. the artwork is amazing though. haha

  • D

    GHOSTS AND GAYS. My type of comic.

  • Sierra

    As much as I love this series, I have a few problems with it.

    This book is fun. Its girly and feminine but still cool and interesting enough that really anyone could get into. The art and coloring is great! Getting to know Lottie (weather you love or hate her) has been a real treat and its also neat when you can relate to any of the characters, even over just little things.

    With all that said, I cant really tell you what the book is about. Every time I think I've finally got it, the story changes

  • Jena

    I still don't really understand what this series is about or what's happening, but I'm still enjoying it. 3.5/5 stars.

  • Miranda

    Fucked if I know.

    Not as good as the first volume. Still interested-ish, but if the third volume doesn't get back on track, I probs won't continue.

  • Alexandra

    The art is great, but the plot is all over the place and it doesn't know what kind of story it wants to tell.

  • Ashley Lynne

    2.5 stars

    A bit better than the first volume but still not great. I don’t know if I will be reading the next volume when it comes out.

    I do however like the art and the humor. And omg the Greys Anatomy and Harry Potter references were so great!

  • Christoph

    "We're all connected.

    I mean in a cosmic sense"

    Kurz gesagt, die Hoffnung von Band 1 auf mehr in Band 2 hat sich nicht erfüllt. Also, die Krisenthemen und -punkte werden mehr. Weiterhin wird aus Lotties Sicht erzählt und weitere Personen kommen dazu. Das neue Mädchen verändert sich, ein Bruder taucht auf, der zusätzlich seltsame Neigungen aufweist und die ganze Szenerie wird insgesamt verwirrender. Es wirkt wie ein Potpourri von vielen Elementen aus anderen Geschichten, erschafft aber dabei nichts