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Tonight I'm Someone Else: Essays

A highly anticipated collection, from the writer Maggie Nelson has called, bracingly goodrefreshing and welcome, that explores the myriad ways in which desire and commodification intersect.From graffiti gangs and Grand Theft Auto to sugar daddies, Schopenhauer, and a deadly game of Russian roulette, in these essays, Chelsea Hodson probes her own desires to examine where the physical and the proprietary collide. She asks what our privacy, our intimacy, and our own bodies are worth in the increasingly digital world of liking, linking, and sharing.Starting with Hodsons own work experience, which ranges from the mundane to the bizarreincluding modeling and working on a NASA Mars mission Hodson expands outward, looking at the ways in which the human will submits, whether in the marketplace or in a relationship. Both tender and jarring, this collection is relevant to anyone whos ever searched for what the self is worth.Hodsons accumulation within each piece is purposeful, and her prose vivid, clear, and sometimes even shocking, as she explores the wonderful and strange forms of desire. This is a fresh, poetic debut from an exciting emerging voice, in which Hodson asks, How much can a body endure? And the resounding answer: "Almost everything."...

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Tonight I'm Someone Else: Essays Reviews

  • Eva Silverman

    i read pity the animal when it came out in 2014 and loved it, and in the four years since then, i've been eagerly anticipating the release of this essay collection. idk if my literary preferences have changed in those years or if i raised my expectations so high that i was bound to be disappointed, but i ended up feeling much more ambivalent about this book than i expected to. there are some great essays in here-- "pity the animal" holds up really well, and "i'm only a thousand miles away," "swo ...more

  • Kevin

    Chelsea Hodson is somewhere between poet and magician. Her sleight of hand is dazzling, weaving dark themes and just the right amount of vulnerable heart into these essays, whether they be meaty and full or broken into sharp diamond-like shards of prose. I'm not sure I know another writer who can be so hard and soft at the same time. And don't overlook the humor herein--it's the kind of sharp wit that reminds me of Fran Lebowitz or the songs of PJ Harvey. This book is an amazement.

  • Sarah Glen

    What a great debut collection. I was surprised by how much I liked it after hearing her read part of "I'm only a Thousand Miles Away" (which is relatable in ways but possibly my least favorite essay in the book) at her launch event at Greenlight.

    What a happy surprise to find how much I enjoyed her prose. I love the power of some of her simplest sentences:

    "When he kissed me, it felt specific."

    "I want to sleep until I'm someone else."

    "I knew which rooms were bad and I entered them anyway. It was

  • Vincent Scarpa

    "For our high school graduation party, our school hired a hypnotist. My best friend volunteered herself, went onstage, fell asleep, and then he had her dancing and singing Backstreet Boys songs. When she woke up again, she walked back to her seat and I tried to tell her what she'd done while she was out, but she said she was awake the whole time. It was easier to just do what he wanted me to do, she said, and I knew what she meant."

    A fucking masterpiece.

  • Rose

    i want to consume this book and be consumed by it. everything about it is perfect. never have words resounded with me so completely. my devotion to this book is simple and deep. 5/5

  • Richard Chiem

    one of my favorite reads ever.

    Hodson is a master.

  • Tabitha Blankenbiller

    Unafraid and uncompromising, Hodson's essays find strength in their vulnerability. She offers a view of young adulthood that is complicated and contradictory and for most all of us, much too real to ever forget.

  • Yadi (

    “I think from a very young age, I’ve been drawn to people who were dangerous. I was drawn to the bad girl who had seen all the R-rated movies at age twelve and could tell me about them. I’ve always been interested in people who don’t seem to think about rules or have no concept of boundaries. My sense of boundaries and rules are very clear, to the point where I have a desire to test them because I feel so bound by them.”

    — Chelsea Hodson in an interview with @believermag

    That quote from the inter