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A Rebel Heart (Daughtry House #1)

Five years after the final shot was fired in the War Between the States, Selah Daughtry can barely manage to keep herself, her two younger sisters, and their spinster cousin fed and clothed. With their family's Mississippi plantation swamped by debt and the Big House falling down around them, the only option seems to be giving up their ancestral land.Pinkerton agent and former Union cavalryman Levi Riggins is investigating a series of robberies and sabotage linked to the impoverished Daughtry plantation. Posing as a hotel management agent for the railroad, he tells Selah he'll help her save her home, but only if it is converted into a hotel. With Selah otherwise engaged with renovations, Levi moves onto the property to "supervise" while he actually attends to his real assignment right under her nose.Selah isn't sure she entirely trusts the handsome Yankee, but she'd do almost anything to save her home. What she never expected to encounter was his assault on her heart....

Title : A Rebel Heart (Daughtry House #1)
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ISBN : 9780800726898
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 368 pages
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A Rebel Heart (Daughtry House #1) Reviews

  • Amy

    A Rebel Heart is a fabulous start to the Daughtry House series. Beth White did a wonderful job transporting me back in time to post Civil War era Mississippi. I loved Selah right at the beginning and I admired her strength and determination. She is a type of character I feel connected to and feels as though she is a close friend. I, also, enjoyed Levi and thought he was a perfect addition to the story.

    I give A Rebel Heart five plus stars and I am eagerly waiting for the next installment from th

  • Stacey

    The opening scene in this historical Christian fiction novel was an explosion of pulse-raising excitement, filled with anticipation of what was going to happen in the lives of Selah and her family. The next scene skipped forward in time, but was equally as thrilling, featuring a disastrous train wreck. Both of these scenes were important to the plot and set up the novel really well, but seemed like the pace slowed down quite a bit after that. The bulk of the story did have some intrigue and roma ...more

  • Amy

    A Rebel Heart takes us back to five years after the Civil War has ended, and reconstruction of the south has begun. Selah Daughtry and her two sisters are about to lose their family plantation. Selah has tried to secure loans with no luck and only one possibility seems to offer hope: turning their plantation into a hotel.

    There are an assortment of characters that we are introduced to, which help set up the next two books. The main characters of this story are Selah and Levi Riggins who is a Yank

  • Deanne Patterson

    Very engaging Southern historical romance that you will want to quickly read. This book had all I needed in it, suspense,fast paced,romance and well researched history. The author's research benefits us greatly and really adds to the charm of this book. Some of the plot is based on true historical facts. From the first scene of the train wreck to the trials and tribulations of preparing the Ithaca Plantation as a hotel I loved this tale taking place in Mississippi. Levi and Selah's story was cap ...more

  • Shauna

    Selah Daughtry is the eldest daughter in her southern family and before her father leaves to fight in the war against the north he charges her to take care of her mother and two younger sisters. She takes this seriously, although the youngest sister is sent immediately to join her grandmother where it is safer. After a terribly tragedy where her mother loses her life, Selah and her sister Joelle live out the rest of the war with their grandparents but can't wait to return home. In the remaining ...more

  • A.M. Heath

    What I Loved: I was won over from page one. The first two chapters, in particular, were explosive, and I knew I was going to love this book. There was a mild mystery/suspense thread woven here that kept the plot moving forward. The Daughtery family was engaging, and I look forward to visiting them again in future books.

    In terms of spiritual content, White brings a lovely story centered around forgiveness and benevolence.

    Simply put, I loved it! A Rebel Heart was one of my reading highlights for t

  • Beckie Burnham

    I have been a big fan of Beth White’s fiction for a long while now. Whether contemporary or historical, if she wrote it, I read it! Her newest novel, A Rebel Heart, did not disappoint. Set in Mississippi in the years following the Civil War, this book includes a sweet romance against the backdrop of a changing South. I loved it and give it a recommended rating.

    As the author mentions in the notes to readers, Reconstruction was a difficult time for the South. Once prosperous families were beset wi

  • Maureen Timerman

    We begin this book with a bang, or a train wreck and you wonder how this is all tied together, and what a journey you are about to begin as you page turn, and beware it is hard to put down.

    The time period here is 1870’s and the South, and particularly plantations that were run on the back of slaves, are really in disrepair and literally falling down, or at least the buildings are.

    Loved the way the author’s mind works here and how one in particular plantation home has the opportunity to be saved,