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Dark Knights: Metal: The Nightmare Batmen (Dark Nights: Metal — Collected Editions #3)

From the pages of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, the seven Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse take center stage in these one-shots furthere exploring the Nightmare Batmen from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullos epic graphic novel saga!The Red Death. The Devastator. The Merciless. The Murder Machine. The Drowned. The Dawnbreaker. And the Man Who Laughs. These seven Batmenseven twisted mirror images of the Dark Knight himselfhave been unleashed upon Earth-0 and the Justice League with only one thing on their minds: total devastation. How can the Worlds Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful nightmare versions of familiar figures?Written and illustrated by some of the best creators in the industry, this tie-in graphic novel is a must-have for every fan of DARK NIGHTS: METAL and any BATMAN reader! Collects the following special one-shots: BATMAN: THE RED DEATH #1, BATMAN: THE DEVASTATOR #1, BATMAN: THE MERCILESS #1, BATMAN: THE MURDER MACHINE #1, BATMAN: THE DROWNED #1, BATMAN: THE DAWNBREAKER #1, THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 andDARK KNIGHTS RISING: THE WILD HUNT #1....

Title : Dark Knights: Metal: The Nightmare Batmen (Dark Nights: Metal — Collected Editions #3)
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ISBN : 9781401277376
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 216 pages
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Dark Knights: Metal: The Nightmare Batmen (Dark Nights: Metal — Collected Editions #3) Reviews

  • Isaiah

    I got an ARC of this book.

    A whole ton of no on this one. I am all for an evil Batman, one that has been pushed too far that he finally snaps. Give me a broken Batman any day.

    Instead this was just Batman in different costumes killing people. They weren't Batman. The characters were all wrong in a way that was really painful to read. Alfred being a killing AI for example. Batman being Green Lantern for another. I can keep going. This book looked like something I would enjoy, instead I was annoyed

  • Jerrad

    Better than road to Metal and Metal itself. This volume focuses on the origin stories of the evil Batmen and their roles in the Metal crisis. Each Batman is basically an amalgam of Batman and another justice league member (or villain associated with a justice league member): Aqua man, Doomsday, Green Lantern, Ares, Flash, cyborg, and lead by a Batman full of Joker juice.

    There are a billion Batman vs the Justice League stories but this one give us 7 morally compromised Bat baddies who killed thei

  • Wing Kee

    Wow this collection is fantastic.

    World: The art is great, there are a lot of different artists which normally irks me with the different Nightmare Batmen it allows for more creativity and different tone. I love the world building, normally as I said it is filler for me but these characters (and this is a character collection) are interesting and where they end up is the core of the world. The worlds they are from are fascinating.

    Story: Normally in an event, the tie in books are fairly meh and do

  • Wayne McCoy

    'Dark Knights: Metal: The Nightmare Batmen' is part of the DC Comics mega event. This is the third volume I've read and I feel like it's the strongest of the titles.

    All the Earths have all the heroes. With the coming of Barbatos, Batman has been corrupted. This volume shows all the ways he is corrupted by conquering and using other heroes and villains. First, he becomes the Red Death by taking the Speed Force from Flash. Then he (or rather she) becomes The Drowned by conquering Atlantis. There a

  • Chris Wing

    So, here's another tie-in to the Metal event, and it was one I was quite intrigued by.

    I decided to read the first two chapters of Metal; (to the point where these guys turn up) and *then* read this one and it was an interesting read.

    Unpacking my knowledge of how the Marvel existence works and then learning how the DC one works is really interesting, especially when DCs has a lot more to it (what with being rebooted so many times, and therefore, it seems, realities and how they work are a bigger

  • Trey

    This volume collects several good origin stories of the dark multiverse Batman variants, kind of like depressing Elseworlds tales. Some of the origins, not as great. But it seems a shame to have wasted the good characters on the Metal event. If you are looking for closure in this book, you'll have to find it in the main Metal mini-series.

    I received a preview copy of this book from NetGalley.

  • Micah

    According to release date, this is the third volume that I read after first reading the exposition volume and the main story line with its conclusion. ABSOLUTELY, read this volume second after reading the exposition volume. If you don't, you will be unfortunate enough to miss out on knowing about the backstory of each of the knights during the main story. The stories themselves were fantastically outrageous and I loved each one of them. It's too bad they only made the few issues for each one of ...more

  • Theediscerning

    Just what the world wanted – not one but two companion volumes to the most humdrum and dull event book from DC ever (qualified of course by all other events taking 20 books). This one covers all those dodgy Dark Batmen that did so damned little in the parent book, because we needed their origins, didn't we? Well, at least give this a chance to reach the second one, for the artwork is excellent. Even better, for different reasons, is the rack on Aquabatwoman, but by then you're really scraping th ...more