Read Black Bolt, Vol. 2: Home Free (Black Bolt (Collected Editions) #2) by Saladin Ahmed Online

Black Bolt, Vol. 2: Home Free (Black Bolt (Collected Editions) #2)

Black Bolt and his unlikely allies are finally free from their strange captivity, but their escape came at a high cost. Now, the Midnight King returns to Earth with a heavy heart and a new companion: the telepathic alien Blinky, a child with nowhere left to go! But the journey home is long and full of dangers - and a horde of space pirates is the least of them! And what awaits Black Bolt at his destination is judgment! In his absence, the Inhumans were rounded up and imprisoned - and now they struggle to maintain their fragile democracy. Someone must pay the price for the horrors they've endured. Will Black Bolt survive the wrath of his own people? COLLECTING: BLACK BOLT 7-12...

Title : Black Bolt, Vol. 2: Home Free (Black Bolt (Collected Editions) #2)
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ISBN : 9781302907334
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 136 pages
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Black Bolt, Vol. 2: Home Free (Black Bolt (Collected Editions) #2) Reviews

  • Gabriel Pinto

    Aunque la historia pierde algo de fuerza y emocionalidad en este volumen (con la excepción del funeral de Creel y el viaje de Ahura y Blinky a la conciencia de Blackagar), el arte sigue siendo un punto fuerte. No es el cierre perfecto de una serie tan humana como esta, pero los humanos no son perfectos. Así que supongo que está bien.

  • Frédéric

    Quite the same qualities and defaults than book one:

    - Decent plot with a cool twist in the middle, good interactions between characters, one very well done issue (Creel's funeral) and some frightful revelations on Black Bolt's past but... too many explaining captions all over the place. Saladin Ahmed must learn to let go of his novelist's habits.

    - Mixed art; not so great pencils imo but amazing colors and psychedelic stuff that compensate.

    If you liked vol.1 it would really be a shame not to rea

  • vibraniums

    me, annoyed that marvel cancelled this ??? more likely than YOU think

  • Dan Schwent

    Black Bolt and Blinky return to earth and go to tell Titania that her husband, the Absorbing Man, is dead. The funeral is interrupted and Blinky is snatched away. Can Black Bolt and Titania save her?

    I liked Black Bolt, Vol. 1: Hard Time so this one was a no-brainer for me. Still, I didn't think he'd top the first half of this run. Top it, he did. This was easily the most emotional comic I've ever read.

    After the events of the last book, Black Bolt and Lockjaw have taken a beating. Black Bolt's vo

  • Bryce Perry

  • Michal Vámoš

    Kouzelný. Kresba, vyprávění, postavy, vše úžasný. Jen ke konci docela wtf mindfuck, který si myslím, že nebyl úplně nutný. Jinak super. Hrozná škoda, že to zrušili.