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Niblet & Ralph

Two pet cats switch places in this comically sweet story of mistaken identity, from beloved author-illustrator Zachariah OHora.Niblet and Ralph may look a lot alike, but they are very different. Niblet loves noshing on crunchy potato chips. Ralph loves putting on headphones and jamming to his favorite records. But both cats have one thing in common: They love being friends and waving to each other from their windows across the courtyard of the apartment building they live in.One day, Niblet and Ralph decide it's time to meet in person (or in cat?). But when they mistakenly end up at each other's apartments, their owners think that Niblet is Ralph, and Ralph is Niblet! Will Niblet and Ralph be able to switch back to their proper homes, or will they be stuck listening to music (ugh) and eating chips (gross) forever? Better still, will they be able to bring their lovable (if not very observant) human families together?With zany humor and bold, bright art, Zachariah OHora creates a purrrfect picture book for kids, adults, and pets of all ages to enjoy....

Title : Niblet & Ralph
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ISBN : 9780735227910
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 40 pages
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Niblet & Ralph Reviews

  • Lauren Kramer

    Niblet & Ralph by Zachariah OHora follows the escapades of two mischievous cats. The clever Calicos have figured out that they live in the same apartment building. While they spend most of their days talking to each other on the phone, they soon decide to meet face to face.

    Ralph uses a clothesline to make his way into Niblet's apartment. Meanwhile, Niblet pounces on the perfect opportunity to race across the hall to see his friend. Both cats decide to wait until the other returns.

    When their

  • Leanne

    This picture book is about two cats, Niblet and Ralph, who live in the same building and become close friends. One day, the cats decide to visit each other but are surprised to find the other is not home. They both decide to wait until their friend arrives. When their owners come home, they do not realize that the wrong cat is at their house because they look alike. However, as time goes on the owners notice that something is different is about their cats and begin to believe their pets are impo ...more

  • Raven Black

    Real classic look to it gives it a refreshing look, actually. The mix-up is funny and the fact that the families are "different" but it's not made a big deal of is also refreshing. The symbol of Niblet and Ralph almost the same is also not obvious: the families are different: one is a mom and child, one a dad and child; they are different races. But also the same: single parents, both love cats. They are similar ages.

  • Margaret Boling

    7/6/2018 ~~ Thanks to my in-laws for giving me this book as a birthday gift. Isn't it great when family members know your passions? cats, books, friendship.

    This book would spark good conversations among children about friendship: sometimes we can be friends even though we have different interests. Also, about knowing something is true and acting on your beliefs, even if the adults in your life don't believe you.

  • Oona

    Great book with a fun backstory in the illustrations. It might also work well when studying symmetry.

  • Jana

    This fun picture book will have readers looking twice at their own pets. Ralph and Niblet, two cats who look very similar and live in the same apartment building, are great friends. But no two friends are exactly alike. One day they decide to pay each other a visit. By mistake, Ralph winds up in Niblet's apartment while Niblet is over at Ralph's apartment. When their owners come home, each can tell right away that something isn't right. Young pet owners will certainly be able to relate to the co ...more

  • Annthelibrarian

    The cutest!!

  • KC

    Two cats who live next door to one another accidentally swap places. (a cat Parent Trap)