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Justice Betrayed (Memphis Cold Case #3)

It's Elvis Week in Memphis, and homicide Detective Rachel Sloan isn't sure her day could get any stranger when aging Elvis impersonator Vic Vegas asks to see her. But when he produces a photo of her murdered mother with four Elvis impersonators--one of whom had also been murdered soon after the photo was taken--she's forced to reevaluate. Is there some connection between the two unsolved cases? And could the recent break-in at Vic's home be tied to his obsession with finding his friend's killer?When yet another person in the photo is murdered, Rachel suddenly has her hands full investigating three cases. Lieutenant Boone Callahan offers his help, but their checkered romantic past threatens to get in the way. Can they solve the cases before the murderer makes Rachel victim number four?...

Title : Justice Betrayed (Memphis Cold Case #3)
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ISBN : 9780800727161
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 352 pages
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Justice Betrayed (Memphis Cold Case #3) Reviews

  • Carol

    Justice Betrayed Isn't enjoyable mystery, romantic suspense-phew That was a typing full. I enjoyed this book. It is portrayed like a real life event. The book was at a steady flowing clip. It keeps you going and guessing who is the killer and who is gunning (yes that is a pun) for Rachel. Will Rachel accept the help of Boone? Even after their romantic past? Will they rekindle? Will they catch who it is before it is too late? Who is it that is killing these Elvis impersonators and now after her? ...more

  • Holly

    Such a great book! I love this type of story where the author allows the reader solve the mystery alongside the protagonist. This one was of the best I've read in quite awhile. Bradley kept me guessing until the very end.

    There was so much to like about the characters. Rachel Sloan is smart but has a quick wit about her that made the interaction between her and Boone a blast to watch. Boone has the gentle tough guy persona that makes him a great cop and leading man.

    Although a book three in the se

  • Amanda

    This is the third book in the Memphis Cold Case series and the second book I’ve read in the series. Although the stories are slightly connected, the books work fine as standalone novels. One thing that stood out in both books I’ve read by Patricia Bradley were the first chapters…they both started out with a bang and let me know that I was in for a wild and adventurous ride.

    This story is a murder mystery that involves Elvis impersonators and takes place in Memphis Tennessee. The book is Christian

  • Joan

    I enjoyed this police procedure mystery taking place in Memphis. It contains a good combination of a current homicide investigation and an unsolved homicide from years ago. The novel also has a good balance of character development and plot movement.

    The two people investigating the murder, Rachel and Boone, had previously dated but she had broken off the relationship. She is convinced a romance would not work, especially since they work in the same police department. But feelings are still there

  • Lisa Johnson

    Title: Justice Betrayed (A Memphis Cold Case Novel)

    Author: Patricia Bradley

    Pages: 352

    Year: 2018

    Publisher: Revell

    My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

    This is the author’s third novel in the series and it was outstanding! The first two books are titled: Justice Delayed and Justice Buried. In the story, we read about Elvis tribute artists who meet for a competition that offers big prize money. What happens is that one of the contestants becomes gravely ill and the assailant looks to be getting away with the

  • Rebecca

    "I think I asked the wrong person the wrong question."

    Memphis homicide detective Rachel Sloan is slightly annoyed when her Friday afternoon departure time is postponed by a vintage Elvis impersonator, Vic Vegas. The man has doggedly pursued the resolution of a cold case involving a fellow Elvis "tribute artist", Harrison Foxx; accumulating years worth of evidence that he is now anxious to share with Rachel. Why? Because her deceased mother died just one day before Foxx's murder. Coincidence? Ra

  • Lea

    I really enjoyed this new romantic suspense by Patricia Bradley, even though I have not read the first two books in the Memphis Cold Case series. This could easily be a standalone book. The story is memorable because the author draws you into the tale of Rachel, an intelligent and strong young woman who lost her mother at an early age and blames herself for her mother’s murder. Her love interest is her boss in the police station, so their interaction is emotionally charged but manages to stay “c ...more

  • Susan Wachtel

    Do you like a good whodunnit?

    The whodunnit storyline of Justice Betrayed by author Patricia Bradley is what caught my attention. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not an Elvis fan and I’ve never been to Memphis, but I love a good mystery, filled with intrigue and the challenge of solving a cold case.

    Detective Rachel Sloan is asked in by Vic Vegas, an Elvis tribute artist, to help solve a murder mystery from seventeen years ago that may somehow