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The Best Man (Alpha Men #2)

It has all the makings of a picture-perfect wedding. Theres just one detail that could have used a little more planning Hulking exrugby player Spencer Carlisle has crushed on Daffodil McGregor since high school. On the field he knew the moves. Off, he was a clueless clod who never gained an advantage. Rejected and rebuffed, his infatuation finally cooledlike ice.Now, its impossible not to feel the chillsince hes the best man and shes the maid of honor at their siblings wedding. For the sake of harmony, theyre calling a truce.Daff has her reasons for being a cynic when it comes to romance. And twice as many for not letting on that she finds Spencer attractivealthough shed rather gnaw off her thumb than admit it. Still, theres more to the sweet and sexy lug than meets the eye. Maybe he is the one who can heal her emotional scars. Maybe hell give her a second chance. Because Spencer could be Daffs own best manif its not too late to come to terms with the past....

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The Best Man (Alpha Men #2) Reviews

  • Karen111

    Well that was disappointing. I’m so gutted as I love this author, have waited a long time for this book to come out, and Wing Man is one of my favourite books.

    I LOVED Spencer and the chivalrous principles he held so dear. What a great character. The writing was executed very well, as I always expect from this author.

    But I just couldn’t stand Daff and all her non-issues, and they really were non-issues. What a complete and utter wet blanket. She didn’t deserve Spencer, and she ruined this book

  • Joana Ferraz


  • Jennifer Lanak

    Spencer and Daffodil are thrown together again as they are best man and maid of honor for Mason and Daisy's wedding. While Spencer has always had a huge crush on Daff, even writing her poems back in high school, Daff has barely given him the time of day for fear of judgment from her uppity friends. Now they both have to play nicely to get through the wedding. What starts off as "planning meetings" to discuss the wedding festivities, eventually escalates to friendship and then more. Daff struggle ...more

  •  B.E.Love

    So at the beginning of this book I'm not gonna lie This book was not going to be getting a 4 star review for me. I read book 1 and really enjoyed it and I liked the characters in this book form book 1. So reading this book was a no brainer for me and I also think this author is as sweet as can be. The problem or issue for me was when I was reading this book I was not liking the heroine. She came off too mean and opinionated so I wasn't sure how this book would turn out. Add to that that this her ...more

  • Yanyan


  • Libby Harrison

    The heroine was a snobby piece of sh*t

    DNF'd at chapter 3

  • Jacqueline

    Pretty decent on the whole. Not a lot of angst. Here the heroine is the not so nice one who needs to wise up which she does well enough. Hero is laconic type which is something I enjoy.

  • Rejane

    When I read reviews like this, I am thankful for books that gave the inspiration for them. Even if the reviewer had a bad experience. Sorry Alex.. thanks for taking one for the team.

    I am sure the best thing about this book is your review