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Rough Justice (Cainsville #5.5)

Mallt-y-Nos. Matilda of the Hunt. The lone woman who rides with the Wild Hunt, tasked with finding killers who've escaped justice and letting the hounds reap their souls. For Olivia Taylor-Jones, Matilda isn't just a legendary figure from Welsh lore. She is Olivia's past, and her future, one she's finally embraced.Having accepted her role as Matilda, Olivia must now lead her first Hunt. Seems simple enough. But when she questions their target's guilt, the Hunt is halted, her mission failed. Still, it's just a matter of getting Gabriel's help and investigating the man's past to reassure herself that he's guilty. He must be. Otherwise, he wouldn't be a target. But the deeper she digs, the more problems she finds, until she must question everything she knows about the Hunt and the choice she's made....

Title : Rough Justice (Cainsville #5.5)
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ISBN : 9781596068568
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 190 pages
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Rough Justice (Cainsville #5.5) Reviews

  • The Captain

    Ahoy there me mateys! I received this urban fantasy eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. So here be me honest musings . . .

    The cover drew me in and three things convinced me to read this book:

    1. I love Kelley Armstrong! I discovered her through her young adult book, sea of shadows, and she became me most read author of 2016;

    2. It is a Subterranean Press book and they do great work; and

    3. This story is set in the Cainsville series.

    I am not really an urban fantasy fan so I have be

  • Kathy Davie

    A short story, 5.5 in the Cainsville urban fantasy series based in and around Chicago and revolving around Olivia and her first Wild Hunt.

    My Take

    How lovely to have another Cainsville novel to read! Especially one that shows us what Olivia, Gabriel, and Rick are doing now, six months after Olivia and Gabriel moved in together.

    "'Our cloaking devices,' Ricky said, shaking his out. 'Appropriately in the form of an actual cloak.'"
    It's a mix of first person protagonist point-of-view from Olivia's pers ...more

  • Melindeeloo

    Rough Justice is a nice little follow on to the Cainsville series. It has just enough of all the elements of the series - the Fae in the form of the Wild Hunt, visions, Liv, Ricky and Gabriel - all wrapped up in a case for Liv to solve when her first Hunt leaves her with doubts about the guilt of the hunted. I really enjoyed returning to the world and seeing life after Liv's big decision, this short worked so well that I would love to see future installments.

    This review is for the ARC courtesy

  • Caitlin

    A novella continuing the story, so it's a great peek at how the three are dealing with Olivia's choice. Full of spoilers if you haven't finished the series, be warned. It deals with an issue Olivia worried over before, and her role in connecting the worlds humans and fae. Lots of maneuvering and withholding information, as always.

    Also includes a few illustrated scenes, but not so many that the story is shorter than the slender volume promises. A great read for fans.

  • Johanna Sawyer

    Thanks to the publisher for an ARC to read and give my honest opinion.

    I was absolutely astounded to receive a copy of this until I figured out it was a novella and book 5.5.

    I had never read anything of the Cainsville crew, and let me tell you....this was not the book to pick up as a starter. I was completely lost, but as an rabid fan of this author I felt I could do this book justice even if I hadn't read the first five. Well I was wrong...I was lost from the first page not having had read the

  • Maureen Carden

    Fans of Kelley Armstong’s recently ended but fabulous Cainsville series will accept any crumb from the Cainsville table. In Rough Justice we have a tasty, rich, heavily iced cupcake. A cupcake, not a cake because this is a novella.

    Olivia is on her first Wild Hunt (Cŵn Annwn) serving as the Malit-y-Nos, Matilda of the Hunt. The Wild Hunt secures justice for the fae by having their hounds harvest souls of those humans who have killed fae but escaped justice in the human world.

    However Olivia being

  • Renee Mcintyre

    First off, Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC! I love reading Gabriel and Liv. We join the crew for Liv first Wild Hunt and of course she has questions over the guilt of the accused. I have missed these characters! I don't want to give anything away but the questions get answered and there are a few twists too. Can I say I really dislike Gabriel's mother? I hope there will be more Cainsville stories to come!

  • Maranda

    Love Armstrong's Cainsville series!! This takes Olivia on her first hunt and reveals the power her attendance emits. She possesses blood of two powerful fae groups and her challenge to embrace both. Loved reading about the characters and what has been happening since the last novel. Powerful author with skill at creating amazing characters and their worlds. "A copy of this book was provided by Subterranean Press via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion ...more