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Under Your Skin (On The Record #2)

What do a stolen food-delivery robot, a woman from the past, and a bizarre scheme to microchip military veterans have in common?The infamous Caustic Queen, Washington DC bureau chief Catherine Ayers, would love to find out but she has a lot on her plate right now. She and her fiance, reporter and Iowa girl Lauren King, are busy wedding planning in Laurens home town.That means facing a lot of beefy mechanic brothers, a haughty cat, and a sharp-tongued Meemaw. Catherines sure she can play nice with everyone. Well, pretty sure. How hard can it be, anyway?A twisty lesbian romance sequel to The Red Files about the family we cant choose, and the one that chooses us.111,000 wordsThemes: Iowa Meemaw twisty lesbian romance...

Title : Under Your Skin (On The Record #2)
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Under Your Skin (On The Record #2) Reviews

  • Paulina


    I'm not really a fan of stories with established couples but this book was definitely an exception. The story and the mystery was as engaging as in the first book and I loved that we found out more about Catherine's fall from grace. And their relationship was as enjoyable as in the red files, I was really happy to see that even if Catherine mellowed down a little she was still the caustic queen I loved.

  • Lex Kent

    4.5 Stars. An excellent sequel to The Red Files! I’m a Winter fan and really enjoyed her book The Red Files. When I heard there was going to book two, I was really excited. I’m very happy to say I really enjoyed this. I do want to mention that I highly recommend reading The Red Files first. It is really important to know the history of the two mains and how they got together. Also, there were storylines that started in The Red Files that were wrapped up in this book. I just don’t think you would ...more

  • Adrian

    A fitting, romantic and emotionally wrenching sequel to “The Red Files,” which further cemented Ms. Winter’s status as one of my favorite authors. The details that were provided regarding Catherine’s background, the unabashedly cruel actions of her parents (in the past and present), the wry nature of her internal musings and the sheer emotionality that she demonstrated were the central facets of the novel and why I read it twice-once for experience, the second for nuance. Lauren remains an intri ...more

  • lov2laf

    Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel to "The Red Files".

    There were many things to like about this story. I appreciate books that focus on a couple *after* they've gotten together. The story takes place in Iowa which is a first. And, in addition to the romantic plot line, we get a mystery of sorts. It's not a mystery in the traditional sense but investigative journalism going down the rabbit hole to get to the bottom of an issue. The fact that so much of the investigation is topical to real news

  • Lucky Luc

    Another homerun by Lee Winter - pun absolutely intended. I am really going to miss Catherine and Lauren. The focus of the book being so much on their relationship yet staying true to their cores by letting them chase down not 1 but 2 huge stories that seem eerily similar to many of the tech advances we are seeing embraced by the masses today. The passion was off the charts and Catherine finally getting some much needed closure from her family and Michelle really made their story complete. I foun ...more

  • BookFiend17

    In this book we get to meet Lauren’s family as she and Catherine travel home to plan their wedding. We also get a highly entertaining and engaging case for our fabulous duo to solve. I can see our government trying to do this kind of stuff! (😱) This is a follow up to The Red Files and I recommend you read both! I received an arc for my honest opinion.

  • Diane Wallace

    'Ylva-Publishing ARC provided in exchange for a fair and honest review'

    **'Satire is the weapon of the powerless against the powerful..Great dialogue has transparency.Something is being said while something else is being felt..'

    Intoxicating second series!

    A spectacularly vibrant follow-up,'UNDER YOUR SKIN' takes us from the bustling streets of D.C. to the vast prairie landscape of Iowa and introduce us/readers to Lauren's family,a real spirited and close-knit bunch. From the beginning,their (Laure

  • Liz

    This is a sequel to the Red files, which I thought was excellent in execution and style. I would recommend reading that first, as this book refers to characters and completes some loose ends such as Catherine’s fall from grace referred to in book 1.

    This story focused on the wedding preparations between the 2 main characters, and the joy of realising that the extended family come too. This would not be complete without a sensational news story involving a lost robot and data chipping, that draws