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The Captives

The riveting story of a woman convicted of a brutal crime, the prison psychologist who recognizes her as his high-school crushand the charged reunion that sets off an astonishing chain of events with dangerous consequences for both As an inmate psychologist at a state prison, Frank Lundquist has had his fair share of surprises. But nothing could possibly prepare him for the day in which his high school object of desire, Miranda Greene, walks into his office for an appointment. Still reeling from the scandal that cost him his Manhattan private practice and landed him in his unglamorous job at Milford Basin Correctional Facility in the first place, Frank knows he has an ethical duty to reassign Mirandas case. But Miranda is just as beguiling as ever, and hes insatiably curious: how did a beautiful high school sprinter and the promising daughter of a congressman end up incarcerated for a shocking crime? Even more compelling: though Frank remembers every word Miranda ever spoke to him, she gives no indication of having any idea who he is.Inside the prison walls, Miranda is desperate and despairing, haunted by memories of a childhood tragedy, grappling with a family legacy of dodgy moral and political choices, and still trying to unwind the disastrous love that led to her downfall. And yet she is also grittily determined to retain some control over her fate. Frank quickly becomes a potent hope for her absolutionand maybe even her escape.Propulsive and psychologically astute, The Captives is an intimate and gripping meditation on freedom and risk, male and female power, and the urges toward both corruption and redemption that dwell in us all....

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The Captives Reviews

  • Darla

    A revealing portrait of a prison psychologist and the decisions made when he finds his high school crush sitting in front of him as a potential client. As Frank reminds us, we must put ourselves in his and Miranda's shoes rather than immediately pronounce judgment. I found myself holding my breath as the plot escalated both in the present and the past. Did not give this book the highest rating for two reasons -- the misleading cover and the sometimes choppy delivery of the back stories.

    Thank yo

  • Liz Barnsley

    Review to follow as part of the blog tour.

  • LeeAnne

    Frank Lundquist, is a psychologist at a women's state prison. One day his high school object of desire, Miranda Greene, walks into his office for a skull session but does not recognize him. Miranda was the popular "it" girl with a seemingly charmed suburban life, but now she's serving a 52-year sentence for second-degree murder. How did she end up here? What went wrong? Frank wants desperately to help her, but this is an ethical dilemma for him. Still, he can't resist and becomes obsessed with t

  • Kira

    I couldn't get into this. The story was tired and predictable. The prison scenes reeked of Orange Is The New Black (which I get, since the author volunteered at prisons, but still). The main male character was too entirely stupid to ever believe he'd be a psychiatrist. Overall wouldn't recommend, even for YA.

  • Amanda

    This is the first book by Debra Jo Immergut that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing but judging by how much I enjoyed this book, it certainly won’t be the last book by her that I read. I really did enjoy it but more about that in a bit.

    Miranda and Frank are two people, who knew each other back when they were in the same year at school. Frank had a crush on Miranda but she knows nothing about it. They reunite in the most desperate of circumstances. Miranda is currently incarcerated

  • Jessica (RomancingtheBookworm)

    I don’t read enough literary fiction. I don’t say that to disparage my beloved genre fiction, but simply to acknowledge my need to further diversify my reading list. Because otherwise I’ll miss out on books like Debra Jo Immergut’s The Captives. Quiet books, wildly different in pace and tone than the fiction that I usually read. Books with a slow beauty, that pull you down into their pages and touch places in your heart you didn’t think they’d reach.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Captive

  • Pam McGinty

    Most books I read I check out from my local library. The cover of this book is what drew me to pick it up and read the inner jacket sleeve. Having worked in a medium security male prison as a Warden's Secretary, the description made me want to read the book. The setting is a women's prison and main characters a female inmate and a male psychologist. I read 167 this afternoon of the 273 pages. There were some slow parts, but the last 167 pages had some twists and turns and ending was worth readin ...more

  • Natalie Mullan

    Very commercial, very bland, forgettable for the most part. Worth the time - probably not. Redeeming qualities- a slightly different plot and not too long winded. Lacks in pretty much every area.