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Wild Card (Billionaire Bachelors #3)

The Wedding Date gets a sexy twist in the new hilarious rom-com from Lila Monroe! Is there anything worse than playing maid-of-honor to your bitchy college nemesis? Try it when shes marrying your DAD! Olivia Chambers doesnt know what shes done to deserve this karmic retribution, but she needs a date to the wedding from hell - and fast. Shes used to matchmaking billionaires, but now she needs a Prince Charming of her own. Someone handsome and famous enough to make bridezilla and her minions drool with envy Someone like hottie ex-NFL star Ryan Callahan. Ryan is looking for love. Well, the fake kind. He needs the perfect woman on his arm to woo investors for his superstar new business venture, but nobody is scoring that touchdown until elegant, sophisticated Olivia comes to him with a proposition. Shell play his perfect date - if hell play hers. The deal is simple! Or is it? Take one week in the Florida Keys, a dose of sizzling sexual tension, a madcap wedding, and some seriously humid frizzy hair, and Ryan and Olivia have the recipe for disaster or maybe the time of their lives. But can Olivia let down her guard long enough to let Ryan sweep her off her feet? And will Ryan take his eyes off the (business) prize long enough to see whats right in front of him? Find out in the hot, delicious new novel from Lila Monroe! BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS SERIES: 1 Very Irresistible Playboy 2 Hot Daddy 3 Wild Card (June 2018) 4 Man Candy (Aug 2018)...

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Wild Card (Billionaire Bachelors #3) Reviews

  • Christine (Shh Moms Reading)

    I love the "let's pretend to be boyfriend/girlfriend" to something more books... Lila Monroe's take on one of my favorite troupes was SO fun and sexy!

    Olivia Danvers the matchmaker has met her match in retired NFL player Ryan Callahan.

    What starts off as a business relationship turns into more as Olivia and Ryan travel to Florida to attend her father's wedding to her psycho roommate from college Vanessa while Ryan is also looking for some arm candy in a business meeting with some investors.


  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*

    Olivia Danvers found a unique market in the dating world by only working with the rich and wealthy. When a client needs someone to accompany them to an event, without the strings of a relationship they call Olivia. She runs a very discreet service and her clients appreciate the efforts she goes to keep them happy.

    However, she has one unhappy client at the moment, Ryan Callahan. He is ex-NFL, drop dead gorgeous and trying to launch a business idea to some investors. Every girl that Liv has set hi

  • Louise

    A fun, fast-paced read with some sizzling hot chemistry

    Whilst Wild Card is book 3 of a series, it can easily be read as a stand alone. However the previous two books are so good it's well worth finding the time to read them all! This is a hugely fun rom-com, with one crazy soon-to-be step mom, a super sexy hot jock of a hero, a heroine who really hasn't got it as together as first appearances would suggest and plenty of mad-cap action. I've read quite a few Lila Monroe books, so I was confident

  • Rebecca

    So far, Lila Monroe’s Billionaire Bachelors series has been all about matching up rich, handsome men with classy, attractive women in a business arrangement of sorts, and while the matched pair goes into their agreement understanding the stakes, what was meant to be a professional interaction quickly morphs into something more…something rather unbusinesslike and very personal, and through the first two billionaires’ stories, readers have been right along with the couple, witnessing their sexual ...more

  • Luisa Rivas

    Fun, fast and sexy romp about a woman who is hired by an ex-NFL player to pose as his girlfriend in some business functions, and she in turn asks him to pose as her boyfriend at her father’s wedding.

    Olivia Chambers is the owner of The Agency, a company that finds the perfect fake fiancee or date for important business men or actors who need someone on their arm to attend important functions but want the fake kind of date. She’s very successful in her line of work and one of her long term client

  • Emily

    Lila Monroe has quickly become an auto buy author for me, and I was so excited to see that she had a new book coming out in the Billionaire Bachelors Series.  This series has been so much fun, and I've loved every book in the series so far.  Olivia has been hiding in the background for the last two books, and I was super curious to find out more about the woman behind the agency.  When I found out that Wild Card was going to be about her, I was thrilled!  And in my opinion, this book is really t ...more

  • Romance Schmomance (Malia)


    After reading Wild Card, I realized that I need to make a summer reads list because this one would definitely be on it. I'm quite the fan of the "fake relationship" trope, they tend to be full of some of the most hilarious moments, which this was very fitting for this rom-com. 

    I can't believe this was my first time read for Lila Monroe and sticking to my habit of reading books in a series out of order, I'm definitely going to go back and read th

  • Jackie (Jackie's Book World)

    ***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World. :)***

    Having read and enjoyed the previous books in the Billionaire Bachelors Series, I was really excited when it was announced that Wild Card was going to be about Olivia Danvers. She is such an important character in the series that her story had to be told. Needless to say, I was really impressed with the execution of the story and how well ended. It will definitely leave you wanting fore more.

    At the beginning of the story we are introduced