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King Of Hearts (Old Money Roulette #2)

His secrets. Her sanity The road to hell... Well, there is no road to hell. I already live there. I was forced to partake in a rigged game of seduction, manipulation, and murder. Mateo Remmington is my formidable opponent. He makes the devil look like a saint. Hes immoral. He's ruthless. He's a goddamn king. King of a clandestine empire who sits on a throne covered in innocents blood. Ive become his obsession. Hes becoming my deadly addiction. And if I make one wrong move hell end my life....

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King Of Hearts (Old Money Roulette #2) Reviews

  • Joyffree

    ♥ And the saga continues ♥

    King of Hearts begins right were the Queen of Diamonds left us - Huddled in a dark corner choking on questions and crying for mercy as we search for answers - okay maybe not literally but you get the idea

    We concentrate more on Mateo in book two - We get a look at what is going through his thoughts and a bit more insight into what he is planning - though honestly, I have absolutely no clue what the final conclusion will bring - He seems to be moving the "game pieces" wit

  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)



    Release Date-9/6/18

    OMG! Loved "King Of Hearts" like so much and I feel like I was waiting forever to read this; I was so excited to get my hands on this second instalment in the fantastic "Old Money Roulette" series.

    And sigh; it was over much too soon for me as I raced through this in record time.

    This starts off exactly where we left events previously, and almost from the get-go we are ramped right back into the action with shocks and turns galore.

    Mateo is in True King s

  • Wendy Livingstone

    This is the second book in this awesome series, and the first book “Queen of Diamonds” must be read first in order to get a little understanding of these complex characters. This story carries straight on from where #1 ended, and I was on tenterhooks throughout. I am addicted to Mateo’s mind games, but will Elena survive in his world? No spoilers’ this is a must read series, you will not be disappointed! This author has once again written a wonderful novel, which is intense, twisted, dark, raw, ...more

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty

    Way more questions than answers and an ending that leads you to believe book three is going to be ugly.

    Mateo is obsessed, Elena is addicted and together they are dangerous and explosive. While Mateo is always many steps ahead of Elena he is giving her small pieces to this puzzle that is her life. The game of Old Money started long ago and Mateo knows how to win it. The secrets that are revealed are not nearly enough to be satisfying and only end up leaving more questions.

    Book two is just as da

  • Sandra

    “she was a pristine canvas I could paint however I wished. She had a past full of pain that would only make her cutthroat. My twisted angel held so much potential, all I had to do was dirty her up a bit.”

    * I received an arc for my honest opinion *

    Ahhh this book!! It has so much good stuff in it. Action, drama, confusion, sexy time, love(?). It is such an interesting story line and it’s so so good. The infuriating male main character and the not so sweet and innocent female lead are so classic to

  • Tara The Obsessive Book Reader!

    Damn I loved this book so much. It was down right dirty, it was literally fuck me rough and dirty. This couple have an intense connection and chemistry but the way they all started was from all lies but now that this book outlines what these lies were and we are introduced to the games. There is no trust between Mateo and Elena, but both care for one another deeply and won’t let each other go.

    Ladies and Gents let the games begin. The games are grittier and darker. Will Elena be able to hold ont

  • Leticeia

    Ok, so here’s the thing. I’m torn on how to rate this book, because on the one hand I’m still just as confused as I was with book 1. But it was intriguing enough that I at least want to read book 3.

    This story was all over the place, I’m really hoping the author can tie this up in book 3 and make this incredibly confusing story end well. Because it felt like random info was being said and pushed at us and instead of clarity- I’m even more stumped.

    Incest?! Where did that come from?

    If nothing el

  • Alycia- whatalyciareads

    I would play his game. I’d be his wife, I’d be his whore, and I’d be his enemy, because if it came down to it, the best place to destroy an empire was from the inside. I wasn’t a heartless monster, a killer, or a criminal. But I could be.

    I have been waiting to read this book since April and this book did NOT disappoint. I absolutely love mafia/twisted romance books. I could not stop reading. And again the ending! As I read the last words I was saying OH.MY.GOSH. out loud. I have already pre orde